Coronavirus is cultural appropriation

Remember back in 2018 when a pretty young America girl wore a traditional Chinese dress to her school Prom and some Chinese American guy got all whiny about it, because he said it was "Cultural Appropriation"?

chinese prom dress

Well, a bunch of bedwetters are about to get even more whiny because 3.5m people worldwide have now been infected with the virus that originated in China.

"Who do these Americans think they are, getting infected with our virus?", said Wuhan Jan.  Jan is said to be "fewmin" on Facebook because the virus that started in a virus lab in China has literally gone viral.

"It's our bloody virus", she said, "Why can't those American bastards get their own virus? Like Trump or Hilary Clinton."

 Meanwhile, a group calling itself "Justice for Corona" is running a campaign to stamp out the virus worldwide.

"We want our virus back", they sung as they gathered for the first time since Wuhan Lockdown was lifted.

"It is nothing more than cultural appropriation and we're sick of it, it's bloody racist an' all", said Zhou Wei, "it's not like we take anything from England is it?"

When it was pointed out that Chinese people in England run takeaways serving the national dish of fish and chips the line went dead.  Probably a Zoom issue or something.


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