Lucozade cures COVID

Lucozade Big Bottle  Research into COVID-19 vaccines and treatments has been escalating since March 2020, with various treatments seeming to be ineffective whilst others
  showing a greater level of efficacy. However, doctors have been trialling an age old substance with astonishing results.

  The 1980s version of Lucozade has been wowing doctors and scientists alike as it appears to be having a 100% strike rate against the bug.

  Monkey on Toast medical correspondent Harry Shopman tells us, "It's like nothing we've ever seen before. Of all the patients who were in hospital with moderate to severe symptoms
  found that after just three 100 ml glasses of the drink completely cured them, leaving with antibodies that could fight off even the hardest of COVID bugs".

 The race is now on to mass produce the eighties version of the drink as it has changed many times since, for the worse.

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