Jimmy Savile ghost haunts my nan

Former celebrity and dead nonce Jimmy Savile is said to haunt grandmother as he pesters for sex on a daily basis.

Lewis Hamm from Lewisham claims the dead paedo appears when she goes to bed of an evening, waking her up by standing next to her bed and talking to her.

He appears every night”, says Lewis, “not long after nan’s gone to bed she hears a voice as the ghostly apparition begs to have its naughty way with her

Lewis tells a Monkey on Toast Ghost Team member that the ghost is always dressed in a shell suit and pesters her for sex while shouting out “Now then! Now then!”, an aggressive means of trying to get Lewis’ granny to take off her nightie.

Sometimes nan just gives in and lets Jimmy have his way”, Lewis tells us to some horror, “and afterwards he’ll get out a cigar, turn to nan and ask ‘How’s about that?’”

jimmy savile dirty nonce

We contacted renowned ghost hunter Peter Venkman but it turns out he was just a character in a film.

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