Yorkshire Ripper's Got Talent

The Yorkshire Ripper

 The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe is to join the jury panel of well loved Saturday Night Dross-Fest "Britain's Got Talent" we can exclusively reveal.

 Sutcliffe, 69, is to replace Amanda Holden as a permanent judge from series 11 in 2017 as the production staff felt that he had more knowledge of the music industry than  the piss poor "actress".

 "It's a real honour for me to join up with Simon Cowell and that faux gay chap Walliams", said The Ripper.

 "I'm going to be quite a hard judge, I certainly won't be pandering to any sob stories about dying relatives.  In fact, I'll cherish that the most"

It is thought that Sutcliffe (still 69) is going to be known on stage as "The Yorkshire Rapper".

Sutcliffe (yes, he's still 69, just checked) is no stranger to music having written and starred in his own musical, "The Yorkshire Ripper - If I had a a hammer" which was a Broadway1 Smash in 2010. 

Holden, some age, is said to be "devo'd" at being replaced by a murdering psychopath, but at least Sutcliffe's never had Les Dennis' balls on his chin.

1 - Broadway, Morecambe.

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