Iraq to resurrect Saddam Hussein

Officials in Iraq are plotting to use the DNA of former President, dictator and all round bad egg in order to clone him to help fight ISIS.

Monkey on Toast Cloning Analysts have learned that the once feared tyrant, Saddam Hussein, is deemed the only hope of the nation and scientists are looking at using cloning technology to bring him back from the dead.

It is believed Saddam 2 will be used to wage war on extremists such as Islamic State and Jedward.

Scientist Adil Wadi bin Bag told our operatives, “We’re really frightened at the prospect of ISIS taking over Iraq and Syria, our only hope is to bring back Saddam”.

Hussein was hanged in Iraq in 2006 after going on the run during “Gulf War 2 (The search for WMD)”, after being found in a drain with a beard reminiscent of David Bellamy and a subsequent trial for war crimes.

Iraqi’s feel that with the country now spiraling out of control that there is only way to solve it and that’s to bring back the man who controlled the country with an iron rod.

As well as whips, chains, rubbers hoses etc.


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