Rose West image rights

Murderer and dirty nonce-bag Rose West is being prevented from playing for her Prison football team because of image rights, it is alleged.

Staff at Low Newton prison are fuming that such issues can exist in prison.

I’m mad as hell over this”, prison officer Kendra Profile told our insider, “Imagine image rights getting in the way of playing football in prison, it’s a bloody disgrace!

Profile went on, “It’s just a massive shame it’s come to this, she’s a great goalkeeper, for a big murdering lesbo.  We’ve tipped ourselves to do well in this year’s Inter-Prison Cup and she’s fucking it right up because she wants to be paid.

West is investigating the possibility of being sponsored by both claims and pay day loans companies, with logos to appear on the front of her shirt.

A spokesman for Shithouse Loans told us, “Rose West is notorious, we see ourselves in her.  A bit like Fred did, if you like

I never promised you a garden, Rose

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