Kim Thong Un

North Korean Supreme Leader has been outed as a crossdresser and loves to cavort privately in frilly undies, we can reveal.

One of Kim’s special aides managed to leave North Korea last month and has been more than willing to spill the beans on his Kimness.

Wel Ing-Tun, who was a special aide to Kim Jong Un for seven months told us, “He roves nothing more than dressing up in radie’s underwear and prancing about rike rittle girl

Tun continued, “I caught grimpse of him by mistake when walking past door.  I couldn’t help but rook and stare at him!  It was unberieveable!

The aide suggested more of Kim’s aides are trying to leave North Korea too.

There are rots of scared people, they don’t know what he do next.  When he find out we started call him Kim Thong-Un he go mad for sure!  Start broody world war three!

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