Polish boy told to “Go home”

A school in Derby is being investigated after a Polish boy was told to “go home” by his teacher.

Bogdan Innaditch, 10 was doing his work when the school bell rang at 3:30.

As his classmates got up, put all their work away in drawers and left for the evening, Bogdan continued to work.

The school, St Kevins School of the Rampant Apostle is being accused of racism following the EU Referendum vote for Brexit.

Bogdan’s teacher, Mary Tylermooreshow has defended her actions.

It was home time, all the other kids were going home, I told Bogdan to go home, it’s as simple as that”, she said.

However, a group of parents have become so outraged they’ve set up a group to try and oust Ms Tylermooreshow.

Kenny Jenkinson-McFarquar told a Monkey on Toast Fake Racism Analyst, “This is disgusting, a young child told to go home!  His teacher should know better!

When we put it to Kenny that Bogdan was told to go home to his house not Poland because it was home time he told us, “Oh, shit.  Soz

School hometimeGet out, you little shits.

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