• Last week during an Arsenal football match somebody Tweeted that they'd lost their daughter inside the Emirates Stadium.

    It had loads of retweets and well wishers, and a short time afterwards there was subtweet which said the chap had found his daughter and she was looking forward to her holiday

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  • A Tory MP posted a picture of his daughter on Twitter the day she started nursery which led to a backlash from another poloitician, for what reason?

    Little Daisy was wearing a pink jacket.

    According to the SNP tart Moira Shemilt, which sounds like a transgender soft drink, MP Paul Masteton

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  • There's a worrying trend at the moment to label something you don't agree with.
    In the old days we'd just disagree and move on; after all, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?
    Of course.
    What if you don't
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  • Not content with turning LGBT into what is rapidly becoming a really bad hand at Scrabble (What is it now, LGBTTTQQIAARSPCARESPECT?) the crazy left are now trying to push their stupid agenda even further.

    For example, Fathers4Justice Jizz Whisk Matt O' Connor says that the household name parenting shop " Mothercare

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  • Hello, good evening and welcome to Debating Club.

    I'll be your host, Bernard Trousers.

    Tonight's special guests are Tarquin Van Snodgrass and Horace Wibbly.

    Tarquin, would you mind introducing the topic for tonight?

    T: Sure, Bernard.  I'd like to talk about the fact that bins only get emptied once a fortnight

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