• When an advert goes on TV or a billboard is it subject to scrutiny by the ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority.

    That's not to say the advert should be approved by the ASA prior to "going live" but if there's something misleading or incorrect about the advert then the ASA

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  • Milkshakes are the new Nazi accusation.

    Yes, that's right.  People are throwing milkshakes at people they think are racist or Nazi's or Fascist.

    Bit weird that, attacking or marking someone whose political leanings you don't agree with.

    It's almost quite, well, Nazi-ish as well isn't it?  I mean, wasn't it

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  • Brexit, eh.  It's been a farce, hasn't it?

    brexit eh




    However, it's proven one thing, that politics is utterly, utterly fucked in this country.

    Aside from democracy not being respected, whether you agree with the Referendum result or not; where we have a Prime Minister who has been doing

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  • The Bellends! The Bellends!

    Since the fire at Notre Dame there has been an appeal for help to rebuild it.

    Two billionaires stepped forward and donated the princely sum of £300m to help the cause.

    Cue loads of people demanding that these billionaires put their money into solving world hunger

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  • Brexit, it's become an absolute farce, a fuckfest, an omnishambles, a total and utter bowl of cunt soup.

    But why?  Given the Referendum was almost 3 years ago now, how on earth have we got to 5 days before Brexit is supposed to happen and nobody has any fucking idea

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