• It's time to reform something else so let's go with religion!

    Where to start?  Well, I got the idea for this whilst out walking the dog.  I walked past a church and had to do a double take!  I actually went back as I couldn't believe my eyes.

    I've taken

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  • I've been a big fan of Gogglebox since it started.  Or should I say, when I became aware of it half way though series 1.

    Back then it was genuinely funny, had some really funny people on and it was one of the few programmes I watched live.

    These days

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  • Extinction Rebellion

    What's your take?

    What are they actually doing?  Answer, being massive bell ends.

    They're not protesting in the usual sense, they're not helping any cause, all they're doing is pissing people off by blocking roads and deciding who can go to hospitals!  They're a bunch of unemployed drama

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  • Greta Thunberg is like Islam.

    You're not allowed to criticise either, because that makes you a bully, which is odd as my definition of a bully is someone who intimidates and threatens someone in person.

    Writing about her isn't bullying, give over!  If it is then that makes Greta herself

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  • Remember 1762?  What a year, right?

    Oh, you weren't alive?  Me neither, but you'll have to take my word for it though even though I have no evidence.

    Bit similar to this bell end on Twitter then.

    Back to the 70s

    According to Ben, the 70's were brilliant.  Which is a bit weird considering

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