• Following the mass protests, disturbances and let's face it, riots at the weekend people have started attacking statues and monuments, simply because they don't like them.

    Many of these are young people, under 21 and not really in a position to understand what they're doing or why.

    It started off

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  • Following the death of George Floyd in the US there have been mass riots and looting.

    Naturally, BLM or "Black Lives Matter" come to the forefront again.

    We saw this in 2016 too.  Now, why is it REALLY happening?

    Is it because a man was killed by a cop?  No,

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  • Dominic Cummings, bit of a weird one this.

    At first it looked like he had simply broken the lockdown to head off to another home.

    Open and shut case yes?

    I thought so too, until I started to delve a little deeper.

    One of my Facebook friends (and MoT reader)

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  • What a bizarre country we have become.

    When we're not clapping like demented baboons on a Thursday night for people doing their jobs, we're proposing that people stand on their doorsteps to " Boo for Boris ". Bit childish that, and he isn't going to hear you.

    When we're not doing that

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  • One, nay, two things that have come out of this pandemic is that celebrities are irrelevant to life; they're not superior to everyone else and are desperate to stay in the limelight in their big houses, crywanking while people who have no gardens have to stay in risking their mental

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