• The Labour manifesto states that tuition fees will be scrapped should Labour win the forthcoming General Election, and while I agree with this in the main, there are a few sticking points for me.

    You see, I believe University should be free, under certain circumstances.

    For example, I firmly believe

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  • Now that PPI is coming to an end there's a new kind of Insurance claim.

    If you've been poorly on a package holiday you can claim some money back, and thus drive up foreign holiday prices for everyone else in the process.

    That's right, people like SickHoliday.com are running adverts

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  • Clickbait, you've seen it right?

    At the bottom of web pages usually online newspapers, especially the ones so heavily driven by adverts that the page takes ages to load despite being on 200 meg broadband and having a super fast computer.

    And the adverts are so heavy that I often

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  • Spice, it's the new big thing, apparently.

    What is Spice?  Well, it's a synthetic form of Marijuana, a fake weed, if you like.

    And it's a fucking epidemic in some parts of the country.

    Manchester in particular has been very heavily hit by tramps smoking the stuff and being turned

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  • Scruffy Ginger Get, Ed Sheeran has settled out of court in a m case brought against him by washed up singer Matt Cardle over similarities in their songs.

    The case claims that Sheeran's 2014 song " Photograph " sounds just like Matt Cardle's (I don't even know who the fuck he is) 2012

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