• This week it emerged that TV legend Windsor Davies had passed away.

    Davies, most famous for his role in the BBC Comedy " It ain't half hot, Mum " hasn't been on TV for a number of years, in fact it came as something of a surprise as I assumed he'd passed

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  • There's been a few posts on Twitter of late by people who identify as a MAP, a "Minor Attracted Person".

    Basically it's a nice way of saying, " Hey!  I'm a paedophile! "

    What makes this worse though is they're as bold as brass about it, no shame at all.

    " It's OK

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  • I'm a Nazi, you're a Nazi, he's a Nazi, she's a Nazi, wouldn't you like to be a Nazi too?

    (Ten points if you get where that is from)

    The term Nazi is bandied around an awful lot these days, to the point where it's no longer relevant or meaningful,

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  • So, yesterday was apparently "Fat Cat Friday".

    According to experts (wankers), this is the day of the year that by lunch time the UK's top company bosses will have earned the same as an average worker will for the entire year.

    It's a bit odd giving this thing a name

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  • I saw a trailer the other day for a reboot of the 80s TV series, "Magnum PI".

    I was never a massive fan of the original show which featured Tom Selleck, the best bits being the theme tune and the Ferrari. However, one thing struck me is that it seems

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