• The Chief Exec of a British Tech charity claims that Alexa and Siri are "[ a] woman for men to boss around ".

    Baroness Lane-Fox made the claim last week, saying that they are female " so that they can be bossed around by men ".

    Which is a bit of an odd thing

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  • It's official, Trans Women are more important than you.  Hell, they're even more important than your fucking awful offspring.

    And they're well needy little bastards who think they're so important that they want help doing something they've had 12 hours to do ONLY when the time is absolutely wrong, such

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  • What has happened to serial killing?

    I mean, it's been years since we've had one.  

    In fact, who was our last proper serial killer?

    Fred West?  Nah, he just killed a few people at his house and many of those were relatives. Killing at home's not the same thing.


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  • Steady on Jimmy Savile, the first bit of the headline isn't an instruction!

    Following the revelation that there is now slaughter-free meat, that is, meat GROWN in a lab I started to think.

    What if we went further than growing chicken nuggets and instead started to grow people?

    Think of

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  • I don't mean they're after some decent coke or anything like that, no.

    But what is clear is that the BBC made a massive cock-up by sacking Jeremy Clarkson and binning him from Top Gear.

    Since then we've had Chris Evans & Joey from Friends hosting a piece of shit

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