• It was announced recently that the 80s satire puppet show "Spitting Image" was making a comeback.

    Great news, no?  Back in the day it was brilliant.  The puppets were superb, the writing was excellent, even though I was too young to understand some of the politics or the satire it

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  • Britain's stupidest man is a back to millionaire status again!  Yay!

    britains stupidest bitcoin

    Yes, it's true, HONEST!!  The lovable rogue massive tit-end who won circa £7m on the National Lottery then blew it all on a house, cars, beer and drugs is rich again because of BITCOIN!

    Yes, indeed, he was on

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  • You know me, I love a good conspiracy theory.

    The dafter the better, especially when you question the motives behind the supposed incident and are met with a wall of silence.

    But this one absolutely takes the biscuit.  In fact, it takes the entire biscuit tin.  And there's Rich Teas

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  • When I saw this advert on Facebook I thought, " Oh I didn't know Peter Jones was dead.  That's not been on the news ".

    peter jones is dead bitcoin

    So I clicked it, and what I saw was not a news website telling me how he'd died in a freak yachting accident or that he'd been

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  • I'm sure you've seen this advert loads of times on the internet?

    wifi blast shop

    It tells us, " Finally, there is a new plug-in device that can double internet speeds and wifi reach "

    This isn't it.  Because a simple reverse image search tells me that the device above is in fact...


    blaze advert


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