• Last week some twat on Twitter made a fuss about a kid wearing a hoodie.

    The kid was modeling for well known clothing brand H&M.

    What was wrong with it?

    The kid's hoodie had a slogan which read " Coolest monkey in the jungle "

    And the kid was black.

    *Sharp intake of

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  • Last week Virgin Trains announced they were stopping selling the Daily Mail as it no longer fits with " their values ".

    Now, personally, I don't really give a shit about that, they can sell what they want, it's their trains.

    However, what bothers me is the way they went about it,

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  • I hate these shitty Christmas adverts that Ebay run on the radio, every damn ad break.

    There's 2 of them, and they're both bad, bad AIDS.

    The adverts follow a theme, person is opening present.

    They read out the name of who it's for - that would be them, right?


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  • Those who oppose Brexit regularly tell the rest of the word how tolerant and easy going they are.

    Real salt of the earth people who have never done anything wrong, and definitely didn't engage in any kind of skullduggery to try and derail Brexit, no.

    So imagine my surprise when

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  • According to this advert, " Antibiotics, we're wonderful pills, but don't ever think we'll cure all of your ills "

    Sounds fair enough, I don't expect them to sort out my farmers, but I really don't understand the advert's greater meaning.

    What it tells us is that antibiotics shouldn't be taken for

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