• gbnews

    Stop Funding Hate, the virtue signalling self righteous troll farm have overstepped the mark here.  Firstly they say that " New British TV channels take up arms in a war against woke ".

    Now, when they say CHANNELS, that means plural.  However, what they're referring to is the new news channel,  GB

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  • Have you heard those adverts on the radio which go along the lines of " Could you look a bus driver in the eye and tell him the journey you're making is essential? "

    Or " Look a nurse who's just finished a 12 hour shift in the eye and tell them you

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  • equalizer

    So, they've brought back "The Equalizer" and in true woke fashion the lead character, an older white guy called Robert McCall has been replaced with a black woman
    called Robyn McCall.

    Why have they done this? It just makes no sense to me at all.

    Now, before you call "Waycism!"

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  • Have a look at this product, it actually genuinely exists on Amazon:

    5g 1

    It's a Faraday cage for your network router.

    Let's get this straight, people are putting their network routers in a cage that is designed to block RADIO waves.... OK.

    And here's a review of the product:

    5g 2

    Kills the

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  • I've long held the view that some of the stuff kids learn at school these days is utterly pointless and now that kids seem to be "learning from home" whilst the rest of us are pretending to work proves my case even further.

    Granted, most of the subjects kids are

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