• Hello, good evening and welcome to Debating Club.

    I'll be your host, Bernard Trousers.

    Tonight's special guests are Tarquin Van Snodgrass and Horace Wibbly.

    Tarquin, would you mind introducing the topic for tonight?

    T: Sure, Bernard.  I'd like to talk about the fact that bins only get emptied once a fortnight

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  • There is so much wrong with this world right now, there are many things that need reforming.

    In what way, I hear you ask.

    Well, there are things that need updating for 2017 because they're hideously out of date and damn right unbelievable.

    Others just need revamping because they're just

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  • Jeremy Corbyn has claimed this week that The War on Terror is responsible for the recent terror attacks on Britain.

    Whilst it's largely bollocks, he does have a point, things like the Iraq war has certainly exacerbated radicalisation.

    Let's look at Gulf War 2, which started in 2003 when Tony

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  • The Labour manifesto states that tuition fees will be scrapped should Labour win the forthcoming General Election, and while I agree with this in the main, there are a few sticking points for me.

    You see, I believe University should be free, under certain circumstances.

    For example, I firmly believe

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  • Now that PPI is coming to an end there's a new kind of Insurance claim.

    If you've been poorly on a package holiday you can claim some money back, and thus drive up foreign holiday prices for everyone else in the process.

    That's right, people like SickHoliday.com are running adverts

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