• How do you know when someone's a Vegan?  They'll tell you, every. damn. day.

    Just after Christmas a TV commercial aired, I don't recall for which brand but it went along the lines of:

    " My 4 year old daughter came to me the other day and said, 'Daddy, I don't

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  • Before I start and for those who don't know better, I'm NOT a Conspiracy Theorist - far from it.

    I don't, nor have I ever believed COVID-19 to be a hoax, it's pretty clear there's something out there that SOME people are getting ill from.

    But we need to talk about

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  • Check out this headline from the Grauniad

    is swimming racist

    There's going to be a reason only "wi peepo" are in a pool right?  Racists not letting black people in and all that?

    The Grauniad being The Grauniad... But no, despite the race-baiting headline The Grauniad have surprised me twice this year as

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  • Things that are racist #569 - This time, Sailing.

    sailing diversity

    Ignoring the comment by Martyn which is very witty indeed, sailing is the latest sport to classed as racist.  Like walking  in the countryside.

    Basically the Royal Yachting Association is looking into how it can be more diverse, in other words, less

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  • The terrible death of Sarah Everard has been politicised by all sides and it's bloody disgusting.

    When Sarah's body was found and the officer suspected of killing her was arrested there were calls on the internet to "Reclaim the Streets".

    There were calls from a leading Feminazi and all round

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