Shit adverts on the radio

As I do a bit of driving, commuting to and from work I listen to the radio, a lot.

Because I don't listen to pap like Radio 1 or whatever it's called these days (apparently Bruno Brookes isn't on anymore and it's not on 275 and 285 either) I have to endure commercial radio station adverts.

And by god there's some shit ones.

One of my favourites though is the one for the Hedgehog Gutter Brush.  I heard it for the first time in a couple of years the other day, I was delighted.

Anyway, shit adverts on the radio.

Have you ever heard an advert on the radio and a couple of weeks later it's been altered?

Well, Local Heroes, the Rated People equivalent by British Gas has a campaign at the moment that begins with a woman whose accent is VERY South Western.

It started with (say this in a Wurzels accent and you're cooking on gas, British Gas):

"If you have to scream and shout if you've a U-bend that needs straightening out"

But last week it's changed to:

"If you have to scream and shout if your plumbing's gone right up the spout".

Why have they changed it?

I bet some utter dick has complained because someone literally tried to straighten a U-bend.  Even though I'd have thought it was obvious that "straighten out" means fix, it's a nice play on words.

And then there's the current Tesco advert which is to advertise their 1 day grocery deliveries.

It's one of those adverts that can't just settle for telling us things, no, they have to use sound effects for everything.

The advert details things the person will do in a day, before getting home to have tea and realising there's no food in the fridge.

One of the things the person will do during the day is "Have a cheeky catchup with the girlies", which involves the sound effect of women giving it an "Oh hiiiii" or "Hello you" or some shit, it does my head in. If she's been out with the girls during the day, she ain't gonna be in a fit state to cook anyway is she?  It's just as well she's got no food in.

With any luck she'll try and do some chips, fall asleep and the chip pan catches fire.

Won't be so keen on a "cheeky" catchup next time, will she?

On that subject, why do things have to be cheeky?  I mean, what's cheeky about having a catchup with friends? It's only cheeky if the drink calls you a cunt.

I hate the use of the word cheeky in every day life.  Cheeky Nandos.  What is cheeky about some shit chicken?  Absolutely fuck all.

Maybe it's the fucking price that's cheeky, isn't it?

I listen to a lot of adverts, they do go in and stay there, right before I pull them to pieces!  There's not many good adverts on the radio, most of them are shite.

Except the Hedgehog Gutter Brush, that's a bloody marvel.

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