Ebay, fill your cart with disputes

I hate these shitty Christmas adverts that Ebay run on the radio, every damn ad break.

There's 2 of them, and they're both bad, bad AIDS.

The adverts follow a theme, person is opening present.

They read out the name of who it's for - that would be them, right?

They make a comment on the paper, snowmen or whatever and how well wrapped it is.

Then they've got into it and it's something they've wanted for ages.

In one case it's a pair of trainers which are apparently sold out everywhere.  Lucky for them, somebody bought them some knock-offs or stolen ones from Ebay.

In the other advert, the woman does a mini intake of breath followed by a huge intake whilst she exclaims, "No way!  I have wanted this fitness track for AGES!  How did you know?"

Probably because you've not stopped banging on about the fucking thing for months, love.

What the advert doesn't then go on to explain is that in the case of the trainers, they are indeed cheap knock-offs, made by Oddidas, and they don't fit the chap because he's a size 8 and these Claire Rayners are a size H.

And sorry love, your fitness tracker is broken.  Dead on arrival, see.

But it's OK, you can return it for a full refund or replacement, right?

Oh, what do you mean it was bought 2nd hand from someone who received a bunch of them off the back of a lorry and they're all fucked?  No, you've got rights, right?  

Well, you thought so until you realise that the seller ABC999 was a fly-by-night Ebay account who's sold a load of stuff and then closed their account.


Ebay, fill your cart with disputes.

Merry Christmas.

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