Even more shit adverts

Flo and Joan.  If these two were a disease they'd be Bubonic AIDS.

What in the fuckery is the Nationwide Building Society doing making adverts giving airtime to these talentless simpletons?

I don't know which is which, as I refer to them as Cunt1 and Cunt2 but the one on the left looks like she's contracted Downs Syndrome from a Chimpanzee.

I'm aware they're not really called Flo and Joan, that's a stage name as apparently they're a "comedy" act.

They're not funny in the slightest, and I don't understand why companies continue to make awful adverts like this.

At least the shitty  E-bay adverts have stopped now, these need to.



There's a new trend in adverts at the moment for people to make silly "Woohoo" noises.

Really accentuated, really annoying woohoo noises at that.

It started last year in a holiday advert featuring Kerry Godliman and seems to have picked up.  Quickbooks were massive culprits in January with their tax return adverts.

Now there's something else that features a long woofuckinghoo and it's pissing me right off.

Get some original ideas in adverts for fucks sake, just don't use Flo and Fucking Joan.


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