More fake adverts

Many moons ago we featured a terribly fake advert where a website claimed Ant McPartlin had invested heavily in a Bitcoin "system" that made him "thousands of pounds a week".

It claimed that Ant heard about the program on Dragons Den, which I'm sure you're not surprised to learn also turned out to be a load of shit.

Well, several times in the last couple of weeks I've received this quality e-mail:

bitcoin this morning

The e-mail claims that Akshay made an absolute fortune by using an "automated trading platform" which buys Bitcoin low and sells high.

He demonstrated it on This Morning where he got Holly to deposit £200 into the system and within 3 minutes she's made £143.18 profit.

Sounds neat, huh?

A little bit odd though, the person who appears on the show isn't the person who wrote the software.  He's just a random "student who earns £40k a month".

OK. Sign me up.

But wait!

Because Akshay isn't a student at all.  And nor did he demonstrate any software at all.

A quick search on Youtube as I did reveals that Akshay is actually...


ashkay this morning

Ashkay Ruparelia, the founder and managing director of online estate agent

So, absolutely nothing to do with Bitcoin or trading software at all.

What a load of horseshit, but I'm sure some people will fall for these scams.