Michael Carroll is rich again, thanks to Bitcoin!

Britain's stupidest man is a back to millionaire status again!  Yay!

britains stupidest bitcoin

Yes, it's true, HONEST!!  The lovable rogue massive tit-end who won circa £7m on the National Lottery then blew it all on a house, cars, beer and drugs is rich again because of BITCOIN!

Yes, indeed, he was on "This Morning" with Holly and Phil where he told everyone all about the Bitcoin System.

Wait a second!


This would be the same "This Morning" (with Holly and Phil) where Peter JonesAnt McPartlin and that Akshay lad told the world about Bitcoin System?  

Oh, so it's not true then?

Sadly not.  You see, if Michael Carroll was down to his last £195, instead of putting it into the Bitcoin System, he'd buy a gram of coke, some beer and probably just waste the rest.

Who is going to be next on the "This Morning Bitcoin System" adverts?  I really hope it's Nicholas Lyndhurst or one of Black Lace.