Thousands, if not millions of pounds goes into rebranding your firm, making sure you’re still in the public eye and that people know the new you is the old you but with a new name.

Business and advertising go hand in hand, and for some industries it’s imperative to stay in the forefront of people’s minds when they’re contemplating buying something new.

And for CSL that’s no different.

CSL, as you may be aware are a furniture manufacturer.  We’ve seen their adverts many times.

They then changed their name to Sofaworks, we all remember their Gogglebox sponsorship ads don't we?  The ones with Neil, the Sofaworks sloth?

Got it.

However, Sofaworks had to change their name back in February this year because they lost a court case against a competitor who had a product of the same name.

So they rename themselves Sofology.

Fair enough, decent name I guess.  Could be worse.

Then they need a catchy jingle or piece of music to add to the advert.

Millions of pounds goes to some agency somewhere and it comes back with….

"1,2,3, Sofology"


Let’s take the name of the company and see what rhymes really badly with it.

"Ology... G... I know!  Three!"

1,2,3, Sofology.

If that’s the best they can up with then I’m in the wrong job. 

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