I don't usually do any day

Workshy Chef

James Martin it seems, doesn't like Mondays.

Or Tuesdays.

Or in fact, any day.

His radio adverts for Asda are bloody well annoying.

They all start with "James Martin here, I don't usually do <insert current day>" and then go on to host a fake phone call from some "Mum" who can't get her teenage sons to eat more greens or as per last Tuesday and again today it's "Kelly" who has some school mums coming round for lunch tomorrow.

Kelly must be a right thick bint if she can't remember that she spoke to his Martinship last week and he told her to make Cauliflower Cous-Cous.

The dirty bastard.

I hate these kind of adverts where a member of the public has just phoned a "celeb".

So far I've heard it every day since Sunday this week, so if James Martin isn't working, what's he up to?

Fuck knows but it'll involve some shite recipe, that's for damn sure.

And he didn't even try to get off with Kelly.

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