... claims Carol Vorderman and a bunch of other folk who seem unable to read.

I'm not sure why Vorderman has suddenly taken on this new role of bitching about the Tories in everything she does.

It seems strange that ever since she was filmed cosying up to Matt "The Twat" Hancock she's taken to social media every day to bitch and moan about the Tories.

I mean, it is her right of course, and the Tories are a bunch of cunts but maybe the lady doth protest too much and all that.

Anyway, on Thursday we had local elections, for the first time we've needed to take some form of ID with us to the polling station.

Not a problem for most?  Well, naturally some people found it difficult to understand.


It's voter suppression

People claimed the Tories brought it in because they knew they'd lose a load of seats and therefore try to stop people from voting.

No it's not.  You've had MONTHS to get the right form of ID if you didn't have it.

You think it's brought in to stop people from voting?  I suppose it applies to these countries too or just a Tory ran country?

voter id law


Nobody told me I needed ID

Yes, you're right.  It definitely wasn't mentioned right at the top of the voting card right by the bit where it tells you WHERE TO FUCKING VOTE AT.

Oh you don't watch the news?  Neither do I.

It wasn't on social media? Erm, it really was.

You just didn't bother to find out.


I was turned away because they wouldn't accept my NHS ID

Really, this was an excuse.  Now, you might not realise this but the NHS is an EMPLOYER.  As such, your ID is just an ID for the NHS itself.  

I wouldn't expect my office ID badge to be acceptable either.


I mean, it's not as if there was a letter that accompanied your voting card with all the acceptable forms of ID listed was it?

voter id letter



And then there's the ones who claimed voter fraud wasn't an issue.  Well, you're wrong there sunshine and the very reason WHY it was brought in years ago in Northern Ireland.  Lots of people were turning up to vote and being told they'd already done so.  Voter fraud was rife there.


Why do we need it?  A voting card was ALWAYS enough

No it wasn't because you've never actually needed to take your voting card with you.  It's not proof of ID is it?  You could find a card in the street and vote as that person if that was the case.


It seems people just like to take to social media to claim some form of victimhood when usually they just need to exercise some common sense.


Yes indeed!  We've not had one for a while but it's true!

A new scariant called Arcturus and everyone's died from it.  Even me and you.

Or maybe not.

Apparently this new variant, a subvariant of Omicron (also known as "a cold") has got similar symptoms to Hay Fever.  And wait a minute.  Isn't Hay Fever season starting like right fucking now?

Well, blow me down.

The WHO have said that this new strain is one to watch as it could be "more infectious" but at the same time it does not "seem to cause more serious illness".

In other words, it's a big fat nothing-burger with cheese.

Trying to suggest that Conjunctivitis is now part of the COVID symptoms is just laughable, soon every symptom known to man will be put down as potential COVID.  I thought we were through this fear porn nonsense but I guess there's still some revenue to be made.

It doesn't seem to stop the shite rag that is the Daily Mail by claiming "5 Brits already dead with Arcturus" as a headline, does a bit of fear porn and then goes on to say, "Five deaths are included in the cases. It is not clear if the patients died from that particular strain, or with it."

Right, so the five people who died WITH this new strain, didn't actually die DUE to this new strain after all.  Oh yes, you don't have the ability to test the actual strain do you?

For those people still using LFT (why!) it won't tell you the strain - only a PCR can do that and we know how unreliable they are.

"Leading experts insist that there's no proof the strain is any more severe than others circulating."


That article is a just a complete load of bollocks.  Push some shitty end of days narrative and then some irrelevant pictures to break it up before writing some wholly contradicting shite after it.  It's literally:


(Picture of something)

We're going to be OK.


Hopefully this kind of contradictory bollocks will wake up a few more people to the whole thing.  How are we nearly 2 years into variants being a thing and still talking about their virulence?  We've known for a long time that viruses mutate to stay alive, each mutation gets more virulent but the payload itself is weaker.

Professor Robert Dingwall, who advised the Government on the virus during the pandemic, also told MailOnline today: 'We have to stop jumping at every new Covid variant that comes along unless there is solid evidence that we have poor immunity to it.'    He added: 'We need to be treating Covid like any other influenza-like illness. The influenza virus also changes fairly regularly but it is not headline news.


That's probably the most sensible thing in that article.

Mind you, looking at the comments there's still some idiots out there:

Arturis article

2021 called, it wants its hysteria back.

Imagine still pushing this line in 2023.  Blaming a variant on people who may not have had a jab - maybe they have had 1 or 2 or 5... because we know that the boosters don't cover all variants anyway...  Especially new ones.  Like Hay Fever.

Imagine telling people who already pay for the NHS (that they still can't use) they need to pay for the NHS.

But then again, looking at his name it says it all.  Just needs some pronouns and we're golden.

Mr SmartyPants isn't looking that smart afterall, is he/him?


So, this weekend King Charles (imagine being named after a dog though) was officially coronated.

There was lots of pomp and circumstance, whatever that is.  I thought it was a pop band from the 80s.

And of course lots was made about the people who queued for days to see a rich old man travel in a solid gold carriage.

You can tell I'm not one for the Royals.  I don't really care either way, although I did suggest the possibility of abolishing the whole thing after The Queen (tm) died.

As I say, not massively fussed either way but if you were make a solid case for the Monarchy to continue I certainly wouldn't be picking Charlie.  He's a vile, petulant, obnoxious old duffer who has never lived a single day in the real world.

He's also part of the WEF so, that's a strike for me.

Anyway, I digress.

Lots of people lined the streets to wave and all that stuff.  Fine, fine.

But there was also a contingent of Republic present.  Who they?  Well, they're a small organisation who campaign to abolish the whole thing and transform the UK into a Republic.  

However, they were arrested by police.

Their crimes?  Having some yellow signs with "Not my King" written on.

The leader was arrested for having a megaphone.

Fucking hell.

Now some dickhead on Twitter said something along the lines of "Well, it can't be a peaceful protest if he's got a megaphone can it?"

you what


Might want to check up on the definition of peaceful protest there, Sport.

Peaceful protest means violence wasn't used, not that everyone has to just stand or sit there in total silence.

What a tool.

If that's the case, Steve Bray, the man who shouts "FUCK BREXIT" everyday around Westminster would be constantly in custody.

Thick twat.

Anyway, here's the point...  The police were heavy handed with these people.  They were peacefully protesting, they did nothing wrong.

The BBC reported that people were "throwing things" at the horses.  There is absolutely no evidence this happened at all.  Not a single piece of video, not a single corroboration on social media.

Don't get me wrong, people should be done for throwing things at horses, if it happened.  But it didn't.

The megaphone that was confiscated was apparently because it could "spook the horses".

Mate, these same horses don't even flinch when there's canons fired next to them or the whole 21 gun salute shit going on.  That's quite the reach.

You may not agree with the sentiment of Republic's stance, but the worrying bit for me here is the arrest of ALL of their protestors for doing nothing wrong.  They broke no laws, they didn't breach the peace, they were quiet.

We're quickly heading to a world where we aren't allowed to protest.  That should worry you.

Because what next?  The Government tries to push (usually quietly) another Bill through Parliament and when you don't like it and want to do something about it you can't.

I will be clear here, our democratic right to protest is being removed.


Compare and contrast with the Just Stop Oil idiots who block roads (a crime), throw soup and other liquids at art, spray buildings with orange paint (both acts of vandalism, a crime) - why aren't they getting lugged off the streets?  The odd one gets lifted, but most are getting away with actual crimes.

Whatever you think of Republic, they still had a right to be there on Saturday.  Now, people took to social media to say things like, "Have a day off, today is not the day" but really it WAS the day to do it.  

You don't have a demonstration about something AFTER said event has happened do you?

You might as well get the "No war" people out to protest about Gulf War 2 now.  See what I mean?

You might think Republic are wrong, you might love the Royals.  And that is your right.  But others want to see the monarchy disbanded, that is also their right.

As long as people aren't rioting and using violence, they should be able to protest about anything - no matter how stupid it might be.

That's a democratic right, we must make sure we retain it or we'll soon be a police state.


The funny thing about social media is the way you can see people's opinions flip-flop.  

There are some on my timeline who have spent YEARS moaning vociferously about the Tories.  Corrupt, thieving bastards, cost of living crisis, austerity, foodbanks and everything else.

Then on Saturday morning they're putting up pictures of themselves hosting Coronation parties.

The best one was one former colleague who spent all Saturday morning moaning about the Royals - Being paedos, horrible people, rich, opulent.  It was disgusting how much public money was spent on the Coronation itself (although he didn't fall into the "Could have been spent on the NHS" trap that most loons fall for).... and 2 hours later posts a bunch of pictures of himself attending his street party to celebrate... well, the same horrible, rich paedos he's spent all morning complaining about!

There's flip-flops and then there's flip-flops.  Usually wait a few days mate, not a couple of hours!


Meanwhile, ITV had actress Adjoa Andoh as part of their coverage where she claimed the balcony (featuring Charles, Camilla etc) was "a bit too white".

Considering this is the Royal Family for a predominantly WHITE country is it any surprise?  Imagine suggesting the Royal Family is racist because there isn't a person of colour included.

I'd dread to think what her opinion would be if there was ever a black person who was married into the family to tick some diversity box... The word "token" springs to mind.  You simply can't win with people like that.

nigerian royals



The water companies are the next ones to have it in for us as this article details.

The article talks about not flushing the toilet if you just go for a wee (which some people do already) but also cutting down on washing / showering.

But it's not a new thing this, because I found an article as far back as 2012 about forcing people to use less water.

Now, don't get me wrong, we should ALL save water where we can, right?  It's a precious thing after all.  I've never understood people who leave the tap running whilst brushing their teeth, you're literally flushing money down the drain.  But at the same time, we shouldn't be forced into third world style living all because the water companies can't run a piss up in a brewery.

Let's be clear, the water companies have SOLD off reservoir land in the recent years for things like housing etc.  What the fuck?  They shouldn't be allowed to do that - they're literally taking away capacity from reservoirs.

And of course, as water becomes scarce the prices rise even more than they already are - and they are high priced as it is.

But it's not just water companies because the WEF, an unelected set of shithouses who want to control us all and make our lives shit have a say in this.  They want people to cut down to 110 litres of water per household per day.

I'm not sure what is supposed to happen if you go over the 110 litre limit, I'd sugest you just end up paying an extortionate amount per litre afterwards rather than your water just being cut off until midnight - it obviously relies on everyone being on a water meter.  But make no mistake, it's on the list of fuckery they intend to inflict on us.