Want health care? Show us your thingy.

MP Chris Wormald has called for the introduction of an ID scheme in order to get treatment on the NHS.

Wormald is proposing patients show a passport to prove who they are before treatment can be given.

Naturally there are some outraged snowflakes, but that’s their job these days, to get outraged at everything.  Because they’re dicks.

Personally, I think it’s the start of a good idea.

I say start because clearly it wouldn’t work if people didn’t have passports.  From a personal perspective, my passport expired 2 years ago and because I haven’t been planning on going abroad any time soon I haven’t renewed it.

So, the whole “Prove who you are” scenario requires a bit more thought.

The NHS is in a bad way, some numpties actually believe the Tories are telling us the NHS is in a bad way so they can privatise it.

No, the NHS really IS in a bad way.

Just the like railways and pretty much every other industry in this country.

Because we’re shit.

However, I digress, that’s another story (or rant) for another day, this one is aimed directly at the NHS.

Before I continue, let me stress, I’m not here to bash the NHS and play into the hands of those conspiracy theopricks, tell the world the NHS should be private and we should all have health insurance like America.

I think the NHS is a wonderful idea, which has been neglected, abused and over-run by idiots.

The NHS has been mishandled for years, there are so many managers wasting and leaking money that resources are woefully scarce or allocated to the wrong areas.

It’s rare to find a nurse that cares, I mean REALLY cares.  From personal experience I’ve felt like “just another patient” so many times.  I know they’re busy, they’re fucking well busy, but they’re in a caring profession.  You have to care.

I’m not asking for a hug or to be tugged off, I’m asking to be spoken to compassionately.

The NHS needs a huge overhaul, it needs ways of bringing in revenue, it needs a plan.

Whilst I’m not a healthcare professional, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon (see what I did there?) to work out what needs to happen to make it better:

1)      Serve the public trust

2)      Protect the innocent

3)      Uphold the law


Shit, sorry, that’s Robocop.

Try again.

1)      Review the level of management at the top and middle, redistributing where necessary and making those who are surplus to requirements redundant

2)      Make the nursing profession more attractive to new employees

3)      Abolish student / university fees for nurses and doctors on the proviso they complete their studies and are employed by the NHS

4)      Stop the “health tourism”

5)      Ensure all treatment of foreign visitors is reclaimed

6)      Introduce a penalty for time wasters and appointment dodgers


The Health Tourism issue is a major problem for the NHS.  People travel from abroad with the specific intention of being treated for free on the NHS.

How many people have travelled from afar and then being taken “suddenly ill, honest guv.  I didn’t have this condition when I arrived”.  It is a constant threat.

Now, for those who read the BBC article, it states that the ID scheme would be limited to seeing a GP, this doesn’t extend to Accident & Emergency.

And quite right, I have no problem with that.  Providing it really IS an accident or emergency.

The NHS is required to provide emergency treatment for all, no matter where they are from, but the resources are finite and realistically not everybody can be treated.

So why should people come from abroad and get treated here without paying?  They shouldn’t.  The N in NHS is National.  We’re not here to save the world.

And why should we?  We can barely look after our own people.

I understand people can fall ill whilst on holiday, and that’s exactly why travel insurance exists.  The EHIC card also exists for a reason too, it’s free, there is no excuse not to have one if you’re travelling in Europe.

(Brexit permitting)

It is also clear those who have travelled to a country to get free treatment as opposed to being on holiday.

The NHS should reclaim every penny of treatment provided via EHIC, non-EU and travel insurance.  This would result in excess of £300m a year.

You may recall people from England who have being unable to obtain specific treatment here, and have gone abroad for it.  Who paid for that? 

It wasn’t the NHS and it wasn’t the health service of the country they obtained the treatment.  It was the patients themselves.

A particular case springs to mind where a child was taken from a hospital here (against the wishes of the hospital) and taken to the Czech Republic for treatment.  The parents had to pay for that treatment, which was (much to the NHS doctors chagrin) hugely successful.

We need to ensure the NHS is free for all UK citizens, why not look to drive all non UK citizens via private care instead?  That way we can let the private businesses deal with reclaiming all their expenses and because they’re a private business they’re more likely to chase.

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