Arrest the year 2016 immediately!

The year 2016 was an absolute bastard of a year!

It did some awful things like taking our beloved celebrities, even some you might have heard of!

What else did it do?

Oh, it allowed democracy to start a revolution in politics.  A revolution that has been long overdue.

What a nasty bastard!

It's high time we arrested that fucker, tout-fucking-suite.

I mean, the Year 2016 is a sentient being, right?

It's not just a concept of time?  No, it's a real, tangible thing... isn't it?

It must be, because I've seen and heard people refer to "IT", like it's a real thing we can all see, smell and taste.

Like Katie Price's tuppence.

There's no question that in 2016 a lot of shit things happened, sure, nobody is disputing that.

There were many a celebrity death, some young, some old.

But let's get some perspective right?

People die every day, some are young, some are old.

Most are ordinary people, there's an occasional has-been.  Every now and then there is a current celebrity or superstar.

It happens.

Maybe 2016 was the year where more than the average number of celebs shuffled off the mortal coil.  I don't know, I'll have to do some research on that.

But for Gods sake people, calm the fuck down.

These people didn't know you, they didn't give a fuck about you.

You might like their films or their music, I get that, but to hear people say they are "gutted" when someone like Bowie or Prince died, it's just wrong.

Did you know them personally?  No.  You just can't be gutted at that.

Back in April I wrote this about celebrities dying and it is still pertinent now.

You've also got to consider the ages of some of these people who have died.  Just because they're celebs doesn't mean they're immortal, their shit still smells like yours.

Mine doesn't, of course.

And then look at the lifestyle of some of those in the music and film industry.  Lots of drugs consumed equals potential heart problems later in life.

At least they've have a fucking good time!

So, yes, it's sad that we've lost some well known people, surely it's sad that we've lost people full stop?

But the worst of the grief junkies are the ones who are gutted over someone who hasn't done any new music or films for years!

You're gutted at the passing of Celeb X are you?  Name any other work apart from their most famous.

Pack it in, celebrate the life and good work of the celebs, don't start behaving like you knew them and they were your best pal.


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