A package to you, Rudy.

Are we not supposed to be saving the planet?

Recycling more, using less virgin materials, making things smaller?

Well apart from Toblerone and Wagon Wheels this doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Having just had Christmas it shows how much wastage goes on with packaging alone.

Toys come in huge boxes, why?  They don't need to.

Everything is massive these days.  I know things need to packaged correctly in order to protect the contents but by heck there's just too much.

As much as I love Amazon for their service, their packaging in particular is ridiculous.  Granted, I've never had an item from Amazon arrive damaged as the packaging is good but some items are so over-packaged it's untrue.

Take for example this container which had just a solitary SD card in it for my new camera.

But it's not just Amazon and other retailers, there's still an awful lot of packaging that gets binned from food and cleaning items.

Surely the food industry must be wise enough to come up with new ways to package our food so we're throwing less away?

For example, does a 3 pack of apples really need to come in what could honestly look like some kind of presentation box?  It's a pack of apples, not a fucking collectors item.

And washing powder, how on earth have we not moved on from this:

It's powder, in a cardboard box.

Is there really not a more suitable packaging for some powder?

Now, I know in some countries washing powder comes in bags, but why not over here?

We get "Refill" packs of coffee, for us to pour into the old jars or the fancy ones we have at home.

So how come washing powder still comes in a big box where at least a full load of powder disappears under the flap at the bottom?  What a complete waste!

And the boxes are huge and bulky things.

Let's stop pissing about putting everything in huge boxes and start bagging shit up.

Surely the packaging industry have had sufficient time to devise some new methods which will save us all money and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill every week.  Even the stuff we put for recycling doesn't always end up where it should, it's time to get this packaging sorted once and for all.

Proctor & Gamble's new Arial packaging needed a rethink

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