The Spice must flow

Spice, it's the new big thing, apparently.

What is Spice?  Well, it's a synthetic form of Marijuana, a fake weed, if you like.

And it's a fucking epidemic in some parts of the country.

Manchester in particular has been very heavily hit by tramps smoking the stuff and being turned into zombies while the high lasts.

There are several emergency calls to the Piccadilly Gardens area of Manchester on a daily basis to take away another Paraffin and treat in hospital before releasing them to the wild, and the whole thing starts all over again.

So, why are we wasting money treating these people?  They KNOW what it's going to do to them, so why do they continue to take it?

Spice isn't like any other recreational drug like Ecstasy, Speed or Cocaine - you know what you're going to get with that.  However, if you had a line of coke and started throwing tea cups at people in the street for the duration of the high, chances are you'd not try it again.

If you had some speed and your arse streamed shit for 3 hours afterwards, that would be the first and last time you'd try it, right?

So why do these people take Spice?  The effects are the same for everyone, there are people in the street, literally zombified.

Isn't that enough to put you off?

These so called legal highs are a menace and must be stopped, just get back on the E's fella's yeah?

And what should we do about these zombies?

Can't we just get all The Walking Dead on their ass?  See a zombie in the street, take it's fucking head of, winner winner, chicken dinner.

Piccadilly Gardens was getting rougher by the day

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