The price of education

The Labour manifesto states that tuition fees will be scrapped should Labour win the forthcoming General Election, and while I agree with this in the main, there are a few sticking points for me.

You see, I believe University should be free, under certain circumstances.

For example, I firmly believe Nursing should be free, as should Sciences and Engineering.

Any course that benefits the UK economy should be free, providing the course is completed and the person goes in to that profession.

See, Nursing can be expensive to get into, but provide the course for free and if the person finishes the course, passes it and goes in to Nursing then the pupil doesn't pay for it.

But if they drop out then they should have to pay some of it back, same if they end up doing a different profession, you've taken someone elses course and the country has paid you to qualify to be a Nurse.

Courses which don't fit into the "core" set should be paid for by the pupil as they are now.

The country is inundated with people "doing media" at Uni, so many people want to be famous, so many fail.  So why should the country pay for these people?  You want to become famous and rich, pay your way to the top, you'll be rewarded for it.

You want to do a degree in 18th Century Russian dance?  You pay for it, sunshine. 

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