The War on Terror

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed this week that The War on Terror is responsible for the recent terror attacks on Britain.

Whilst it's largely bollocks, he does have a point, things like the Iraq war has certainly exacerbated radicalisation.

Let's look at Gulf War 2, which started in 2003 when Tony Blair and George W Bush fabricated a report that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction which were capable of reaching targets in the West with them.

Absolute load of shite.

But we sent in troops anyway and deposed the evil tyrant Hussein, generally to the delight of the population who lived in utter fear of him and his Baath Party for years.

However, what the UK and US did next was to stand down local civil servants, army and police, effectively rendering them unemployed - said to be temporary while they tried to sort the country out.  The problem with this is that these men were no longer earning money to feed their families, as a result they became more and more frustrated and offers of "work" from insurgents became attractive, a sort of last resort, if you like.

And that is how the insurgencies started to wage war against the invaders.

It's all gone to shit ever since.

However, it doesn't end there.  Britain got involved in the Arab Spring, and helped to assassinate Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi - largely at the request of it's inhabitants.  But we're now feeling the effects of that.  And we're being attacked because we won't intervene in Syria against ISIS.

What are we to do?

It's clear that Foreign Policy just isn't working.  So, what should we do?

What would I do?

I'd pull all our troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere in the Middle East.  Close the doors and say, "Sorry lads, we're on our own now".

Apologise to anyone we've pissed off in the last 1000 years (because there's people still miffed at the Crusades!) and just fuck everybody off.

If a migrant commits a crime such as the Manchester bombing then they should be treated as Treason.  Their families should be deported, simple as that.

If you commit a crime against the country then the whole force should be felt.

Anyone who left this country to go to terror hotspots and then return shouldn't be allowed back in the country.  

We can sort this problem out, it will take time but it doesn't involve the likes of Theresa May and her bullshit plans.

We can't continue to maintain the Status Quo, the country is broken big time, but I really do think it's fixable if we put time and effort into it.

The Police need to take more a role, they are responsible for Manchester as they failed to act.  It's funny how after something happens it always emerges that the perpetrator was "known to police / authorities".  The Police don't take their jobs seriously until AFTER an event.  They don't act on tip offs from people in case it offends the person who has been reported!

So, they'd rather spare the feelings of a potential terrorist than prevent an attack leaving people dead.

It's easier to arrest people who call people names on Facebook and Twitter instead.

We're a lot of work to sort this out, but we can do it!

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