Re-ee-form #1

There is so much wrong with this world right now, there are many things that need reforming.

In what way, I hear you ask.

Well, there are things that need updating for 2017 because they're hideously out of date and damn right unbelievable.

Others just need revamping because they're just not right.

This will form a series of articles on reform.

On Reform 101 tonight...


The media is a dangerous thing.  Yes, it allows people like us to have a say, to argue common sense or impartiality over mainly left but sometimes right wing politics and propaganda.

Many media outlets, such as newspapers often have their own agenda to serve, skewing news stories, planting fake news on social media and indoctrinating weak readers who will believe anything they publish.

It's not just news though, it's journalism as a whole.  I've seen football writers for example, claim one day that a particular football club is not interested in signing a particular player, only for them to write the next day that the club is very interested in the same player and they're working to bring him to the club.

So, how do we reform the media?  This is what I'd like to see:

  • Newspapers to publish facts only.  News articles should not be opinion, if the papers wish to publish opinion they should be reserved for columnists like Clarkson and clearly labeled.
  • News media unable to be owned by or employers of politicians or those in power.  The likes of Murdoch should not be able to use his power to sway public or political opinion.
  • News media not to publish the names of criminals until they have been convicted of a crime.  Many lives have been ruined by false claims of rape etc.
  • News media to remain impartial across all colours, creeds, religion and culture.  Sky and the BBC are terrible for this right now.  The BBC has knowingly edited interviews with the general public following the recent terror attacks that they have effectively covered up would-be suspects
  • Planting of fake news should be made illegal.  CNN are awful for this, serving their own agenda yet again.  Stories are planted on social media and people who do not bother to fact check before sharing help to propagate absolute rubbish.  Some of which we raise in Facebook Fuckwitt Corner.


I'd be interested on your views, what would you change about the media and why?  Get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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