The first rule of Debating Club is not to debate

Hello, good evening and welcome to Debating Club.

I'll be your host, Bernard Trousers.

Tonight's special guests are Tarquin Van Snodgrass and Horace Wibbly.

Tarquin, would you mind introducing the topic for tonight?

T: Sure, Bernard.  I'd like to talk about the fact that bins only get emptied once a fortnight instead of every week like it used to be.

H: Stop!  This is bullshit!  You're blaming Corbyn for this aren't you?

T: Er, I've not said anything about Jeremy, I've just said what I'd like to discuss this week.

H: No, you're a bloody fascist, you're blaming the Labour led councils for this. 

T: Er, OK?  I don't recall bringing anything about Fascism up, I just want to talk about bins.

H: Fucking racist!  I demand the government calls an election, this kind of behaviour is deplorable.

T: What, talking about bin collections?

H: There you go again!  Fucking Islamophobe!  Theresa May should swing for this.  What an evil bitch.  

T: Can we just talk about bin collections and why they only get emptied every fortnight?

H: This debate is over, I am not listening to another word of this.

T: OK, let's end it there.  Water is wet, isn't it?

H: Now you've come round to my way of thinking.  I think we can get on with it now.

T: The bins?



Sounds stupid doesn't it? But this is what social media looks like these days.  Dare to have a different opinion to anyone else and you're shot straight down, you're wrong.

I'm not talking about actually being wrong, such as advocating actual racism or homophobia, I'm talking about having a different opinion to the other person, period.

But if you agree with the other person, it's all different, everything's just peachy.

When did we get so intolerant of a different view on something?  Something so innocuous that it really doesn't matter what the outcome of the debate is, like there's no right or wrong answer or view?  But it's happening all the damn time!

Reading through this site over the last few months, you can bet your bottom dollar some people would think I was a racist or a bigot.


Because I dare to challenge other people's views.  I never let my political leanings slip on here, because I actually like to remain impartial.

I like to deal in facts and common sense.

I accept that opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, except Jeremy Corbyn.  He's got 2 (Diane Abbott).

I will take the piss out of anyone and everyone.

See, Theresa May is a useless bitch.

Jeremy Corbyn is a communist.

Tim Farron is, erm unemployed?  And a right fucking plonker.

Nobody is safe from the wrath of the MOT!  I'm not here to push any political stance, I'm not here to sway your mind or indoctrinate you with Left or Right bullshit.

I'm here to take the piss out of the lot of them, while at the same time trying to bring you facts and a different way of looking at the world.

So, if I can do it, why can't everyone else?

Why does it have to be so black and white (FUCKING RACIST! Ed)


The country is in a hellish state right now, I've never been so concerned for its future.  In fact, I've never been concerned about it before.

We're on the brink of riots because of left wing agitators, using disasters to stir up political shit.  Blame everything on the Tories.

It's frightening seeing some of the tweets I've seen of late, there is utter, pure hatred being bandied about.

After the Manchester bombing and subsequent concert promoting "One Love", I thought maybe, just maybe that we could start to unite to defeat a common enemy.

However, it seems One Love lasted One Night.

Please, for the sake of humanity and mankind, we need to stop fucking blaming each other for everything.  Let's start talking, working together and stop with the cheap, snide shots.

Politics and people have never looked so childish.

I'm also available for marriage guidance sessions, £100 an hour. 

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