Let's Offend

Not content with turning LGBT into what is rapidly becoming a really bad hand at Scrabble (What is it now, LGBTTTQQIAARSPCARESPECT?) the crazy left are now trying to push their stupid agenda even further.

For example, Fathers4Justice Jizz Whisk Matt O' Connor says that the household name parenting shop "Mothercare" should be rebranded for "the good of all parents".

All parents?

Surely not the McCanns?

Because in this new age of "equality", which is rapidly becoming a parody of itself, he claims that Mothercare is a "constant irritant for many dispirited dads".

Ah, so what he means by "the good of all parents", he actually means pissed off dads who can't see their kids.

And what he especially means is, HIM.

You see, Mothercare is just a name of a shop.  And you know, Mothers are the ones who actually carry and give birth to the child.

The Mother is the first thing a baby sees when it's born.  

After the clunge, of course.

Are you really suggesting the name of a shop that sells maternity and baby things is prejudice to non-existent Fathers?

It really isn't, it's the name of a shop.

I've got kids, I've been in Mothercare.  It costs a fucking fortune, if we're talking about rebranding it, it should be called something like Harrods For Sprogs or Mega Expensive Kids Shit You Probably Don't Even Need

Dick head here thinks the name Mothercare suggests only Mothers care and Fathers don't, nobody thinks like that unless they're deliberately trying to pull things apart for no reason than their own agenda.

And then there's this guy...

Sgt Peter Allan, who tweeted Tesco suggesting their Feminine Hygiene isle that contained Tampons and Sanitary Towels should be renamed to "Personal Hygiene".

Why?  Does he have a need for Tampons?  Maybe he needs some Manpons?

Having looked through his tweets I thought it had to be a parody account, but no, Sussex Police confirmed he is a real copper but was tweeting whilst off duty.

To be honest, if he's going to have a title and all his police shite in his bio he's never off duty and he shouldn't be taking it upon himself to tweet this kind of shit under a police name.

However, it doesn't stop there, good old Sgt Allan was tweeting all kinds of shite such as "Called out to kids calling each other names.  No crime".

You can see why I thought it was a parody.

And the police have the gall to say they're understaffed when they have clowns like this attending "non crimes".

The left really are getting more and more ridiculous.

How long until Manchester is renamed to Gender Neutral Chester?


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