Nazism is the new Witchcraft

There's a worrying trend at the moment to label something you don't agree with.
In the old days we'd just disagree and move on; after all, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?
Of course.
What if you don't like that opinion?  Do you shrug your shoulders, tell them you don't agree and continue with your day?
No, you call them a Fascist or a Nazi.
In the 17th Century you didn't have to be an actual witch to be accused of witchcraft, bizarrely you didn't need to prove you weren't a witch and your accusers didn't need prove you were.
You were just a witch, because somebody said so.
We have actually gone back to the 1600's where we can accuse somebody of something without a shred of evidence and for it to be believed.
The Left and the likes of Antifa are setting a very dangerous precedent whereby only their opinion matters, if you disagree with them as you ARE entitled to do, that makes you a Nazi.
You see, Nazism is the new Witchcraft where Lily Allen is the Witchfinder General and Owen Jones is the Witchsmeller Pursuivant. 
See the similarity to witchcraft, how on earth is this possible?  How have we arrived at such a stupid situation?
What makes this worse is that Antifa are a violent organisation, who will beat up anyone who disagrees with them, calling them Nazi's - who we know WERE a violent organisation hellbent on pushing their message and having things their own way.
Wait a sec.
So, if I have this right, Antifa are against Facists and Nazis who they believe are bigoted, violent and dangerous and will respond to anyone who appears to "support" them by acting in a bigoted, violent and dangerous manner.
When I say "appear to support", you don't have to actually support the Nazi's to be the target of Antifa, all it takes is someone from Antifa to decide they don't like you.
How fucked up is that?
Don't believe me?  Let me illustrate for you:

This is classic.  See, I am anti Nazi.  Who wouldn't be?
I'm also anti Antifa, for a multitude of reasons, in particular their anarchy and so called peaceful rallies where people seem to get badly hurt.  Also not keen on their similarity to Hitler's Brownshirts (classic irony), but according to this fucking retard it makes me a "collaborator".
Let's go back in time: I am against witches and witchcraft as they scare me.  I am also against the witch hunts as I believe them to be biased and dangerous.
See the logic?  It's a scary world we're living in these days.
Remember our Witchsmeller Pursuivant from earlier?

Owen Jones doesn't get his own irony.  He is so far left that if anyone dare question him he either blocks or goes crying to Twitter to get people banned.
But apparently it's OTHER people who are intolerant.
I genuinely fear for this country, all the snowflakes and millennials are going to destroy it because they're so entitled!
I'm off to live on the Moon.
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