When did we all become humourless nerks?

Last week during an Arsenal football match somebody Tweeted that they'd lost their daughter inside the Emirates Stadium.

It had loads of retweets and well wishers, and a short time afterwards there was subtweet which said the chap had found his daughter and she was looking forward to her holiday to Portugal the next day.

Alarm bells rung, I looked at the name of the Tweeter, it had the name McCann in it.

I looked at the avi, it had a picture of Gerry McCann.

I laughed.  What fun!

And then I scrolled through the replies of which there were many who like me, thought it was very funny.  And then there were the snowflakes.

Oh the snowflakes!

I decided to interact with them, one guy in particular said it was sick to make fun of a guy whose child is lost.

I pointed him at this thing called Google, told him to type in "Madeline McCann" and to come back to me in a few months.

Well, this was like a red rag to a bull! He told me he was aware of Maddie and called me an idiot.

I pressed a little further, he wasn't keen!  It was great.

Eventually he got all stroppy and deleted all his tweets on the matter, I think it could have been when I pointed out the fact that he started it - he didn't need to comment on the Tweet, he could have just left it alone.

But really, when did we become such humourless nerks?

When have we been told we can't laugh at anything anymore other than the dross that masquerades as TV programming?

I've always prided myself on my sense of humour, my ability to make rapid puns, the speed of which I can think of a joke when something has happened.

I went to school with a guy who was great at this, I learnt from the best.  He reads this, I hope.

See, when things happened when we were younger, it was just fair game.

When the Space Shuttle blew up in 1986, we were at school the next day with the jokes:

  • What does NASA stand for? Need Another Seven Astronauts
  • What's NASA's favourite drink? 7-Up

And so on.

We told jokes.  We were young, but we also knew that it wasn't really harming anyone.  Nobody at school knew anyone on board the shuttle.  Hell, we weren't even in the same country.

The astronauts were all over the place, in fairness.

Other events occurred, we told jokes.  Ships sank, Diana died, 9/11.

Jokes, lots of jokes.

Maybe not immediately with 9/11, it might have been a couple of days afterwards.

It doesn't make us any less sensitive or caring.  Sometimes humour is a way of dealing with difficult issues.

But of late, there's a bit of a trend whenever anything happens that jokes or off the cuff remarks are met with contempt or actual offense.

TV is just as bad now too.  One of my favourite shows over the years is "Mock the Week".  (I hate it when people call it Mock of the Week, stop it dickheads)

In the old days of the show it used to be cutting edge comedy, it was fast, it was edgy.  Now it's become sanitized to the extent where it just ends up with a load of people virtue signalling and Hugh Denis doing everything else.

But this is where we are at now.  Russell Howard, used to love the guy on MTW plus his own shows.

However, he's changed.  Instead of doing jokes about everything and anything, he's gone for a targeted approach.  Say the right thing to the audience, let them respond with a "Right on, Russell"

Right on indeed. 

Instead of making jokes about wanking and his brother eating tortoise poo, he'll do a section on immigrants or somehow turn in to Lily Allen, being offended on our behalves.

No, I don't want to see that, I want comedy. I want the wanking gags (not the first time I've said that, I can tell you).  I want the anecdotes, even if they're made up.

There are always difficult situations in life, if we don't laugh at them then we'll just cry.

We should be able to laugh at whatever we find funny, instead of thinking "Oh, if I laugh then Dave who isn't even here might get offended".  Fuck Dave, he's not there, he's not arsed.

Let's get our sense of humours working again.


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