Whatever happened to the Bogeyman?

When I was a kid, my mother used to warn me of the Bogeyman.

The threat was there, that if I didn't go to sleep or if I was out after dark when when everyone else had gone to bed then the Bogeyman would get me.

Clearly, at the age where I was warned of the Bogeyman I wasn't going to be roaming the streets after dark anyway.

But the threat was there nevertheless.

Years later I imagined the Bogeyman to be like Michael Myers from the Halloween films or Jimmy Savile.

Tonight I warned my 11 year old daughter about not going to bed and mentioned the Bogeyman.  It was met with a blank look.

And then it hit me, no fucker talks about the Bogeyman anymore.

Yes, it's just a threat to get kids to behave, but we just don't have it anymore.  Why not?  

Maybe because there's that much shit in the world that kids and teenagers are more scared of going out and being mugged for their phones or being molested.

We need the Bogeyman to come back, life's not complete without him.

Mind you, these days there'd be some lefty arsehole saying the Bogeyman should be gender neutral or non binary.

Just fuck off with that shit, or the Bogeyman will get you.


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