Old people should not vote

Take a look at this this, I can't exactly remember where it came from but if I was a betting man I'd say it was the Grauniad, sorry Guardian.

What it shows is a supposed set of priorities between 18-24 Year Olds and Pensioners from YouGov.

However, what it does not show are those aged 25 - 60 which skews the figures somewhat and makes this appear to be nothing other than agist propaganda.

What's more disturbing is the headline: Perhaps it's time to remove voting for OAPs.

How fucking dare they?

The OAPs are the people who went to war to ensure the country was free from Nazism and Dictatorship.

These are the OAPs who shaped the country, shaped industry and worked tirelessly for shit pay.

These are the OAPs who lived through harsh times, with no money or food.

What a disgusting thing to even suggest.

But then when you look at this you can see why:

Because what they're saying is by taking away the voting rights of the OAPs who according to the chart above are more likely to vote Tory, they can ensure that Labour is the only party ever in power.

And that my friends is a Dictatorship.

Young people think they're so fucking clued up.  They know fuck all.  I voted for the first time in 1992, I didn't know anything about politics or the way the world worked.

How many young people voted Labour in the 2017 General Election because they thought they were getting something for nothing?

Most of them.

Young people are snowflakes, frightened of hard work and feel entitled to everything.

To suggest the people who have paid their taxes all their lives should have no say in how a country is governed is an insult.

Of course, when these arseholes aged 18-24 are in their 50's and 60's and realise they don't have a say anymore there will be some kind of silver riot, calling everyone a fascist.

The point of a free world democracy is that everyone has their say, and if you don't agree with the oldies so fucking what.  You'll be an oldie one day and I guarantee your views will change.

You fucking fascist.

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