Is it time the Police service was privatised?

The Great British Police Force has a reputation for being one of the best in the world.

The fairest coppers of all along with the best justice system going.

Says who?  Well, Great Britain of course.

There was a time when the Police were feared, you didn't want to get into trouble as you knew you'd feel the full force of the law.

Along with a coppers truncheon.


When you look back though, this isn't really the case is it?  The Police force has long been a corrupt, institutionalised service where many people have been wrongly convicted of crimes they did not commit.  Granted, there will always be mistakes made and science has come a long way since the 70s for example where Irish people were beaten into confessing for bombing for the IRA when they were just innocent brickies.

Let's not forget the man convicted of Jill Dando's murder too.  Twelve months down the line the Police still hadn't found anyone so they took a local nutter (and he was / is a nutter, I'm not defending him) and fitted him up for it.

He is guilty of other crimes, but he is not guilty of Dando.

Anyway, roll on a few years and our Police Force is more bothered about supposed football hooligans than catching real criminals.  You know the ones burgling your house, or the paedos and rapists, of which there are many.

What about knife crime which has soared in recent years?

Doesn't matter, the Police don't care anymore because they're too busy painting their nails and wearing high heels instead.

They're focusing on name calling on Twitter or Facebook.

They're concentrating on Thought Crimes like some 1984 nightmare.

Hate Crimes are the new Black.  Shit, sorry, I meant White.

Er, not white, no definitely not White.

A set of Tweets from more than 1 Police Force recently told us that Hate Crimes do not need to be proven, so what does that suggest?  You are guilty of a crime if someone else says so.

Hmm I think I mentioned something similar recently.

If you thought the Police couldn't get any worse take a look at this:

Hertfordshire Police actually wanted a list of Private Eye subscribers.

For those who do not know (and to be honest how the fuck can you not?)  Private Eye is a satirical newspaper that is published fortnightly.

It's only been running since 1961 for gods sake.

What did the Police intend to do with the list of subscribers?  Target them?  As I've said a few times lately, comedy (and satire) is dying due to the heavy handed approach of the Police and their Lefty friends.

Now the Police are the biggest waste of time and money going, is it time to bin them off and go private?

By going private we can have a Police force that wants to work, instead of the work shy coppers we have.  The ones who just can't be arsed, and there are lots of them.

By going private we can set expectations of the service.  We can have a unified set of rules that apply to all areas, unlike the disparate "Forces" we have now.

Private firms can invest more than the Government can, although the laws would still be made by Government.

We can have targets that can be met, legally and honestly.

There would be no need to pussyfoot around, everyone would be treated the same way, as it should always have been.

You might think it's a terrible idea, putting profits ahead of people, but take a look just how low the Police force has gotten already, it literally cannot get any worse.  Can it?

Every week there is something new to be aware of.  I am no longer afraid of being stopped for speeding or getting caught with a dead prossie in the boot, no I am afraid of a knock at the door because I called "@Rosie1234" on Twitter a "Silly bitch" (I don't know if that's a real Twitter handle, I can't be arsed to check but I didn't call that account any names).

I'm frightened of not addressing a member of the LGBT community correctly.  I'm frightened of being put in prison for calling someone Mrs when she's really a Miss.

And let's not talk about the Miss who "identifies as a Mr on a Thursday, thank you very much".

Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party (nothing to do with Ian Huntley) was ousted for having a secret police force that arrested, tortured and imprisoned people for thought crimes and saying nasty things.  You really want the same for this country?

The Police are at such a level now they can't escape, the only option is to fuck them all off and start again with someone who can run an organisation.


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