What's with the agender?

Every week seems to surprise us with a new gender, because let's face it, biologically determining a person's gender is so 1700's.

And now, Gay Dating app "Grindr" has gotten in on the act.

(Don't ask me how I know this by the way)

Anyway, here's a picture of what Grindr looks like now, apparently.  That's not my phone by the way, my phone has a SIM card in it.

And it's not an Apple.

(Me thinks she doth protest too much - Ed)

Anyway, so the point is this:

Grindr is basically used by men to find other men for a spot of dirty rumpy-pumpy. Sometimes it leads to a relationship but from my experience (which is hearing it from friends) it just leads to rumpy-pumpy with another guy instead.

So, in the Gender selection you have Man, Trans Man or CIS Man.  We won't go into Custom Man, but I believe it's some crazy ass Robocop type shit - proper kinky.

I didn't know what CIS meant.  I thought it was the Co-op Insurance Services but it turns out it's not that.

So I did some Googling and it means "Cisgender", essentially saying the person's gender identity matches that of which they were born.

In other words CIS could actually mean "Comfortable in skin". (You go, girl - Ed)

What do I mean by that?  Well, basically you're born with a dick, ergo you are male.

You are comfortable in your male skin (not your foreskin, leave it alone, you'll go blind) - So instead of identifying as a CIS Male, why not just identify as MALE?

You don't need that extra gender that's not even a gender.  

And then if you look at the right hand side you've got "Identity" where you can select not only a gender but a pronoun so you can choose things like:


  • Him
  • Her
  • It
  • Do
  • Wop
  • That
  • Thing

The whole gender thing has just gone too far, especially now they're bringing kids into it.

The left seem to be loving sexualising children, telling them at really young ages, like 3, that they might not be a boy or a girl.

They fucking are!  

Hey teacher, leave those kids alone!

We have to look at this biologically, as I said earlier.  If you're born with a cock you're a boy, if you're born with a fanny you're a girl.

If you're born with both then well, you can go fuck yourself.

I don't have an issue with anyone deciding later in life that they want to be a different gender, let's save that for when they're adults, capable of making difficult decisions.

Kids shouldn't be making decisions like that, it's hard enough getting them to decide on Peanut or Chocolate M&M's and frankly those should be the hardest decisions they're expected to make.

Let the kids grow up and decide then, not being forced down one route when they're a kid.  Christ, I've seen boys dressing in all sorts of shit like fairy outfits and princess dresses but they grow up to be men.  They're not crossdressers, they're not trans, they're not even gay.  They were just having fun as a 5 year old kid, because the dressing up box allowed it.

Every week there's something new for us to take in, and I don't want to take it in (steady), because it's utterly ridiculous.

Where will it end?


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