I'm the coolest monkey in the jungle

Last week some twat on Twitter made a fuss about a kid wearing a hoodie.

The kid was modeling for well known clothing brand H&M.

What was wrong with it?

The kid's hoodie had a slogan which read "Coolest monkey in the jungle"

And the kid was black.

*Sharp intake of breath*

Twitter twat spread it around, it's racist!  Racist I tells thee!

Let's have a look at the little, er monkey:

Ah, hang on.  There's 2 kids there!  Why wasn't the whole advert made viral by Captain Twitter Twat?

Because that didn't service his agenda of being offended.  Even though he was white.

So, let's get this straight.  Is Mr Massive Twitter Twat suggesting H&M put a black kid in a hoodie with such a slogan because they thought, "How can we be racist to kids and damage our reputation in the process"?

Or, which is the most likely, did The Rt Hon Twitter Twat II reach in to the back of his tiny little mind, find a little area called "Racism" and apply it?

Yes, that's right.  Because, any healthy minded human being (like myself) would not think having a kid in such an item of clothing with such a slogan would be racist.

It takes one to know one is a well known phrase, and in this case it takes a racist to know (or spot) a racist / racism.

Swap the hoodies round on those 2 kids, not a single fuck is given.

You'd expect little monkey's parents knew about this before it hit Twitter, right?

Of course!  

Here we have the fabulously named Terry Mango, mother of Monkey Boy.

She says she's been to all of his photo shoots, she doesn't think it's racist and she's telling the world to move on.

But no!  Because The Left know best!  See the 2nd message above, Lovette Jallow was actually telling this KIDS OWN MOTHER she is wrong!  

The Left know better that the child's damn Mother!

The third message sums it up perfectly, she doesn't think about it as being racist.  Because she's not racist, she doesn't spot a link between her child wearing such a top and the colour of his skin.

But the poor lady can't win.  She's wrong, her own opinions and facts about her own fucking son do not matter one iota!

I've even seen people claim the hoodie had no writing on during the photoshoot and the wording was added with photoshop later!  For fucks sake!  The proofs have to be signed off by the parents before they're published!  Do they really think H&M have hoodwinked Ms Mango?

But such is the left now, they're getting worse.  

Over the weekend a group of "Protestors" ransacked several H&M stores in South Africa.

I wouldn't call them protestors, they're out and out thugs.  Looters. Anarchists.

They don't want to raise a point, they just want to do whatever they want and latch on to anything where offense may have been caused to get their way.

A few weeks ago if you disagreed with someone on Twitter, having a differing opinion to theirs (which is your right, for now) you used to be a nazi or a fascist.  Possibly a homophobe or a transphobe.  Now, you're a bot!

Yes, I was accused the other day of being a (presumably) Russian bot because I replied to someone on Twitter and I didn't follow their way of thinking.

A bot.  Tremendous!

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