This is England 2020

If Shane Meadows was to make a new version of his critically acclaimed "This is England" series for 2020 this is what we'd be seeing.

Because let's face it, people are out there to take away our fun and drive us back to the Middle Ages.

A week doesn't go by without somebody being upset or offended at something really innocuous, trying to get things banned for no reason other than they don't like it.

In my day, if I didn't like something I ignored it.  That's what normal people do.

This year may only be 6 weeks in but by God (other Deities are available, don't get upset), things are moving faster than ever!

In the last couple of weeks we've seen a few people get upset because some professional hostesses were touched up at a charity event.  Now, I'm not condoning the touching up, but one also can't ignore the fact these women were also fully aware of what went on that those kind of events - they knew what they were doing.

However, this then led to a couple of Feminazi's calling for the "Grid Girls" of Formula One to be axed as it demeaned them and made them sex objects.

Despite the fact the ladies in question are tastefully dressed, they're not cavorting about in bikinis like some 1970's Carry On Barbara Windsor.

So the Grid Girls were axed and some ladies lost their jobs.

Then the pack moved on to the ladies of darts.  I don't watch darts so I don't know what these ladies do or wear, but again, I'm pretty sure they're not walking around in the buff, with tastefully placed nipple tassles.

We're banning the use of words, we're making everything neutral, we're going to be fucking Puritans by the end of the decade.

Today some stupid cow from Canada said that women having bare arms was demeaning to women, which is a bit weird as the American Constitution says they have a right to bare arms.

(I think you mean bear arms you twat, Ed)

I really do worry about society, it is rapidly changing, and the governments seem to accept it.

When will somebody tell all the lefty idiots to just shut the hell up, grow up and stop being such silly babies?

I'm off to retreat to my safe space now to drink a soy latte and put on my ManBurka.

Sorry, gender neutral Burka, I forgot.



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