Sofie Hagen is a dick

Last night Sofie Hagen posted a Tweet where she made it abdundantly clear she was offended by the latest Cancer Research campaign:

What Cancer Research are saying is that Obesity is the 2nd most preventable cause of Cancer, smoking being #1, natch.

But Sofie disagrees with science because she's, well, to be honest, she's what we at school called "A fat jabba".

Now, before you think I'm what Sofie refers to as "fat shaming", or taking the piss then you couldn't be more wrong.

My issue is with her denying science.

She might be OK with her body, and that's absolutely fine by me, live and let live and all that.  But you can't argue with science, you can't deny it and get all outraged because one of the causes of cancer is by being fat.

Speaking as a bit of a fat bastard myself I know it's a risk.  It's my own doing with a life of drinking, eating and not being as active as I should.  I'm doing something about it now, before it's too late.  I don't blame anyone else for it.

Society as a whole is fatter.  We're enouraged to eat fast food, working life makes it difficult to get enough exercise etc.  But you have to make time for it.

We're told to eat 2000 calories a day, but if you consider that was when we all worked down t'pit or int mills, we don't need the same level of calorific intake now.

Sofie just doesn't get it though, she's obsessed with telling people that fat is OK.  That everyone is against her because she's fat. She actually goes out of her way to antagonise people, then plays the victim.

Nobody is perfect, there's no such thing as a perfect body.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, people like what they like.  

I'm sure Sofie will have many a suitor, I've seen a few pictures of her and she's actually pretty cute.

I don't have a problem with her being fat, that's her thing, she can do what she wants.

But she can't get offended because science tells her she's at risk of cancer.

So who is Sofie?  Well, she's a "comedian".

A comedian whose comedic line was in feminism, until she got booted off her podcast for being a dick and dropped by all her comedienne mates.

She's not well liked in the industry at all, so to try and get on the side of the fat women she's trying to corner the "Fat Activism" market.  Fativism I'll call it.

The media is to blame for insisting all the women should be stick thin models, that's neither natural nor realistic.  It just isn't the norm.

There's nothing wrong with curves, that's normal and natural, but as I said, people like what they like.

People's bodies are different, some people's body shapes just mean they're never going to be a size 8.  You can't change that.

But you can't deny the research done by a major organisation because it doesn't fit your agenda.

Imagine a smoker getting offended when they find out that smoking is the number one cause of cancer and wanting all evidence removed because they like smoking so damn much.

Imagine someone who eats nothing but fatty foods all day, getting no exercise at all and then getting offended at being told the foods they're eating are making them fat.

It just doesn't happen does it?!  People know the risks and continue regardless.

Anyway, don't worry Sofie, in 10 years time there won't be any fat shaming because at the rate we're all consuming shit we'll all be fat twats and everyone will be the same.

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