Freedom of speech has finally gone

Today a court in Scotland convicted a man of making a video where his pug was trained to do a Nazi salute.

I'm not kidding, this isn't the 1st of April, nor are you in the Satire Section.

The man, who goes by the name Count Dankula on Twitter & YouTube made the video last year to annoy his girlfriend.

The video since went viral and cops were called in.

It actually went to court and he was today found guilty of being "grossly offensive".

This is not only a massive waste of police and court time & resources, it's also worrying that people are no longer going to be able to make jokes!

How long will Monkey on Toast last under the new regime that's coming to crack down on people having a moan and being a bit sweary?

I swear we've actually gone back in time, social media has regressed us back to a time where saying wrong thing (which is subjective in its own right) could actually land you in trouble.

It's not as if there's a REAL law against this kind of thing either, the Met being the corrupt organisation that they are will retrofit your misdemeanor into something else.

In fact, only last week the Met had to change their website as it posted a page that said something along the lines of:

"Hate crime is a crime where no actual law has been broken but if someone's feelings are hurt then you're fucking nicked, sunshine".

I'm paraphrasing, but it said something along those lines.

When it was pointed out to them they changed it.

It won't be long before comedy is so bland that we'll only be able to watch state sponsored comedy, and you'll ruddy well have to laugh at the TV when prompted.  Got that?

This weekend I watched Ricky Gervais' new show "Humanity", and by god, I loved it.

Yes, he does the same hackneyed routine of being richer than us, and how many awards he's received and how many awards shows he's done.  But then he's always been like that, that's his persona.  However, the content of the show itself was funny, it had me actually laughing out loud, something I haven't done for a long time when it comes to comedy.

The usual BBC diluted, PC shite is old hat. 

Oh, isn't Brexit terrible?

Let's all laugh at Brexit.

Oh, isn't Theresa May shit?

We already know this, it's not funny, it never was.

Freedom of Speech, which is one thing we always thought we had in this country has gone, we have to watch what we say to everyone now, just in case!  I now know how an Iraqi discontent with Saddam Hussein's Baath Party felt, never knowing when they're going to be hauled off to a Gulag for daring to say Saddam had a feint whiff of egg about him. 

The United Kingdom has got worse, there's no denying it.  It feels like we're edging ever closer to thought crimes being a real thing, and I for one do not welcome our new evil overlords.


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