Police find new ways to waste money

We're constantly being told the evil Tories are cutting Police budgets, doing away with coppers on the streets etc.

But just how true is it?  I mean, there's no question this lot of Tories are bad, and they have no idea what they're doing.

But really..

According to the Mayor of London who is a complete clown London has lost thousands of police officers and staff.

But wait, because the Metropolitan Police, based in er, LONDON says this:

They have over 900 officers across London alone looking at Twitter and Facebook for people calling other people names or wanting shit adverts to be taken off air.

Value for money I am sure you'll agree.

The Police are lying to us, they're making the cuts themselves.  They're the ones stopping real coppers going out and stopping crime because they know that prosecuting someone for a "Hate crime" is an easy win which does not require them to leave the warmth of their offices.


Meanwhile even more money is to be spent finding a kid that was killed by her own parents over 10 years ago.  More than £11m has been spent already and the Met has announced another £10m will be spent.

Operation Ambre Solaire starts next week.

It's a fucking joke.

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