Let's find the negative in everything

This article by the Grauniad really pissed me off.

Why?  Well, it starts off all nice, talking about Candace Payne, the lady who in 2016 filmed herself on Facebook wearing a Chewbaca mask that laughed when she moved her mouth.

Not only did I find Candace's "film" really funny but she seemed a genuinely lovely lady who was absolutely thrilled to get the mask and try it on.  She was delighted with how funny it was and it quite rightly went viral.

The Grauniad point to comments regarding the film where the word "pure" is used.

"This is too pure for this world", I assume means it's so innocent and genuine, and funny.

What's wrong with that?

Then there's the Tweet of the father who was in Peru, posting pictures of himself with an Alpaca.  Again, genuinely thrilled to be there, loving the Alapca.

But read on, because towards the end of the article there's a load of negative connotations, which basically says, "These people have had something really fun in their lives, but fuck them now because they're probably evil underneath"

Why do people always want to seek the negative in everything?  Can you not be happy for someone at all?

Is your life so bad that you don't want anyone to be happy at all?  Bollocks to you, I still find Candace's film funny now, I still join in with laughing with her, and she's still a lovely lady, so cock off and be miserable somewhere else.


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