What's happened to all the serial killers?

What has happened to serial killing?

I mean, it's been years since we've had one.  

In fact, who was our last proper serial killer?

Fred West?  Nah, he just killed a few people at his house and many of those were relatives. Killing at home's not the same thing.

Harold Shipman? Killed patients using morphine, probably did many of his victims a favour.

So we have to go back to the 80's and Denis Nilsen or Peter Sutcliffe to really get a feel for our mass murdering friends.

We obviously live in a safer world in many respects these days, although the rise of gang & knife crime is a clear worry.

In the olden days when someone was murdered you were honestly expecting it to be followed up by another a few days later.  Not anymore, the days of being on edge in case you were the next victim has made us all sloppy and complacent.

It's a little like Armando Ianucci's Serbian Sniper, keeping everyone on their toes, alert and ready!

A kid would go missing and you'd go, "Ayup, thar's another killer ont loose again", and you'd wait for the next kid in the town to go missing.

Or there'd be a couple of Tom's wind up brown bread within a couple of days of each other and you'd know, you'd just bloody well know that there's a new prossie killer doing the rounds.

I mean, I'm not advocating killing kids or hookers, don't get me wrong, but don't you think life was richer for having an unknown killer on the loose?

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