Transworld Sports

Imagine being good at a sport but not being good enough to win something.

There are plenty of people like that, there's plenty of football teams who will never win anything but their players are talented enough - they're not Sunday League, let's say.

So what do you do if you're in this position?

Simple, you "change" your gender instead.

That's right, it's happening right now in all sorts of sports.

Men who aren't winning stuff in the men's side of their sport are simply becoming women instead and going on to dominate the women's side of the sport.

How on earth is this allowed to happen?  In many cases these aren't even men who have gone full trans (I.E Post-Op) they're just men who "identify" as women.  They've still got the met and 2 veg, they just wear women's clothes and get annoyed at how badly they're treated.  Even though they're not.

These are biological men, great hulking men in some cases, literally BEATING women.

Take trans woman Rachel McKinnon for example.  A keen sports cyclist, "she" didn't win anything until she entered women's sports.

Look her up, look at the pictures of her.  There's absolutely no doubt that her biological gender has played a HUGE part in her winning.  The leg muscles, the sheer size of her frame and chest.  Essentially, she still has the body of a man.

If she was that good before, why did she not win anything as a man?

It's like a 30 year old being put in a kids race and winning by a country mile.

Meanwhile, a former US Navy specialist who changed gender and entered MMA broke a woman opponents skull.  Twice.

I just don't understand how people are getting away with this, it's just not right.

It's almost as if people are scared to speak up, because if they do they are branded as Transphobic.  Another bullshit word made up by the trans community and to be filed with Islamophobia.

It's funny how trans men aren't entering men's sports and dominating isn't it?  

I'm all for people to have rights, but at the same time some sense has to be applied to it all.  For me, trans women should have their own dedicated sports teams or competitions and they should all be kept separate, wouldn't that make it fairer?

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