World of Woke

The world is getting more and more woke by the day.

Diversity is the new buzzword and it's killing TV.

TV companies and channels are so obsessed with diversity now that it's almost like reverse racism.  Look at the adverts on TV, see a family on the advert?  Guarantee the parents are probably inter-racial.

Every TV show seems to now have an inter-racial couple on it.  Do I have a problem with it?  Well, sort of.

You see, it's just not realistic.  I've mentioned this before, because it started to enter into big TV shows such as The Walking Dead.

Certain characters in that show would never be attracted to certain other characters, and racially that wouldn't happen.

Have a look around you next time you're out.  How many inter-racial couples do you genuinely see?

I'm not claiming there's anything wrong with it, by the way, but TV shows now are pushing it to the point where they're suggesting that 1 in 5 couples for example are inter-racial.

I'm sorry, they're just not.

I work in a major city.  I walk about said city every day.  How many inter-racial couples do I see?  Hardly any.  I genuinely can't remember the last time I did.  Yet TV will tell me I should be seeing dozens every day.

I want TV to be realistic, not having a quota of tickboxes thrown at me every day.

But it's not just the couples, it's the mis-casting of actors and actresses or even misplacing of characters that don't help either.  For example, there are many shows such as The Crown and Versailles where black people are part of the royal court.  Look back at history, black people would certainly never be part of a royal court.  They were not treated with the respect they are now, they didn't have the same rights as everyone else.  Make it accurate!

We all know that in the US in the 60s black people were not allowed to use the same buses as whites, they had different entrances to certain buildings etc.  We know this, it's fact.  It is wrong, but we know it to be true.

However, we're now rewriting history with each period drama or retelling of an event, shoehorning actors into roles they shouldn't be in.

The BBC are terrible for this, you can see the quotas being ticked off as each character is introduced.

If the BBC made a drama about the Kray twins now you could almost guarantee that one of them would be black.  It's just insulting to people's intelligence.

Imagine for example, a drama retelling the events of a Government scandal that went on in the 60s and several of the MPs in the houses of parliament are black.

There wasn't a black MP in England until 1987.  It would be wholly inaccurate to suggest there was.

Now, make a drama set in the current times, you can have all the black MP's you want because they exist.  Simple as that.

Before you start thinking I have a problem with black people, I don't.  None at all.  I just want TV to be realistic, not having a load of people (which can be races, religions, genders or sexuality) shoehorned in to fill a quota.

Say for example there was a drama made about Malcolm X.  Imagine the outrage if the actor cast for the role was white.

Or Chinese.

Or Asian.

It's just not accurate.  It's not a school play where the resources are limited, people are cast for roles.

It's all about keeping things accurate, keeping it real and not rewriting history for the sake of diversity.

This article has spawned a new feature on here with the same name, I'm intending for it to be humorous, it's not a witch hunt or a review of shows where the wrong actors are cast!


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