Please don't talk about stuff I don't like

Chartered Management Institute head Anne Francke (unfortunate) has suggested sports talk in the office should be banned because women who don't follow sport can feel excluded from the conversation.

She also says that excessive "sports banter" can "lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests".

Which is absolute bollocks.

When was the last time you were in the office on a Monday morning and in stroll the lads.  

"Watch United at weekend, Kev?"

"Ayup Gary, I did.  Great result.  Shagged 3 birds an' all."

It's ridiculous, isn't it?

I mean, women are free to join in the conversations if they like.  I know lots of women who like football and other sports and can hold their own with opinions and knowledge of the sport.

But then, just as you have women who aren't into sports there are just as many men who aren't either.  In my last job the office on a Monday morning had barely any "footy bantz" because there were at most 2 of us into it.  Everyone else, no.  But come F1 season the office was full of F1 chat, including women.

Not being into F1 I didn't feel excluded, we can't all like the same things.

Which is what Anne seems to suggest.

But then you turn this on its head, can men ask women not to talk about Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Eastenders or Love Fucking Island because we don't watch them?

Surely just don't make yourself part of the conversation if it's about things you're not interested in, it's not being done on purpose to exclude you.

Anne goes on to say, "good managers should be inclusive and ensure that everyone in their team feels comfortable", but who is actually uncomfortable talking about sports?

Where does it end next?  People with children banned from talking about kids in case someone without children gets offended?

I think that Anne is probably an office dragon who nobody likes and that's why she's exlcuded, because she's an old trout.

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