The media are utter scum

Back in 2017 I wrote this article about reforming the media.

This is needed, now more than ever!  The media are pushing the entire Corona situation and it's just not helping.

The likes of Robert Peston, Laura Kuenssberg, Beth Rigby, Kay Burley and that absolute arse Piers Morgan are the scurge of society.

They don't report news, they report opinion.  And what's worse, it's all about ratings!

The constant clamour to be seen to be the best, the advent of 24 hour rolling news has brought us nothing but misery.  Constantly looking for negatives.

After each Corona press conference the floor opens up to questions, but the same questions are asked every day.

Often the question is the same thing whoever has done the presser has just said.


Matt Hanock: We are aiming for 100,00 tests a day.

Beth Rigby: How many tests are you aiming for a day?


He's just told you, you stupid cow.

And are they ever loving the deaths!  They can't wait to see those numbers every day.

Kuenssberg drips like a fucked fridge whilst desperately hoping the number of deaths are higher than the previous day.  They don't care about you, they hate the country, they want it to be negative.  This gets them on TV thinking they're important because they can ask questions.

Piers Morgan has a hardon for negativity, that way he can get all virtue-signally as if he actually gives a flying fuck about anyone.  Let's not forget this is a guy who hacked the voicemail of a MURDERED teenager.  The man has no morals.  You think he's out to get Boris because he thinks he's doing a shit job?  Nope, he's gunning for Boris because he thinks that's what everyone wants to hear and that will save his ailing GMB figures.  Figures which have slumped more than Superman did in Superman 3.

Robert Peston is a complete doom monger.  Let's not forget this is the guy who deliberately forced a run on Northern Rock bank.  It was in no danger of going under until he started talking it up.  After Northern Rock he was actually on BBC asking, "Who will be next?" whilst throwing names into the hat - which then started the game all over again.  He's an irresponsible arsehole who frankly needs a good hiding.

He takes so long to ask his question that I'm expecting by the time he's finished they're ready to announce a cure for Corona and Cancer.


Why do these people get away with it?  The irony is that some journalists have recently been asking WHY people have started to turn on the media.  They don't even understand their underhand tactics, their total pile-on of Boris et al is not for the good of journalism, it's because they're so low in the gutter they want to see if they can sink any further.

The BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4 do not present news.  They present opinion, they report opinion as fact, whilst they go off to try and get some facts.

It is time these institutions were held to account, we want news to be fact.  We should embrace good news, not clamour for negatives.

Imagine if Boris said at tomorrows presser that a vaccine with a 100% strike rate had been found.  The Negative Normans and Nancy's would be up in arms!


Piers Morgan: Why didn't you have a vaccine last week, huh? Don't you think you should resign for the vaccine being so late?  Even though it's a world first.

Laura K: Is it true that no black men were involved in the research of this vaccine?  Isn't that racist?  Will you resign for being racist, Prime Minister?

Beth Rigby: I have heard this was not tested on anyone from the LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLOPQRSTUVWXYZ community.  Are you a massive homophobe and transphobe, Prime Minister?  Will you be resigning?

Robert Peston: Lots of words that takes about 3 minutes to get out and don't form a coherent sentence but some big words were used.


It's shit, it's time for change, let's get those arseholes in the media out and start reporting real news, real facts.



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