Britain is a hotbed of hate

What a bizarre country we have become.

When we're not clapping like demented baboons on a Thursday night for people doing their jobs, we're proposing that people stand on their doorsteps to "Boo for Boris". Bit childish that, and he isn't going to hear you.

When we're not doing that we're looking out of our windows, to spot people who might be out and about when we jolly well shouldn't be.

And then we're taking to social media or ringing the police to grass them up.

What lovely people we have turned into. Saddam Hussein would be very proud.

I find it odd that these people take to social media to complain that Dave from number 6 has been out 4 times today and he even met up with a friend of his. They're not sure if Dave's mate is 2 metres apart or not, they've not got a tape measure or one of those trundle wheels you had at school but you're guessing that because if you're not meeting up with any of your mates then why should Dave?

You're on social media, seething! Stop it, you sound like a jealous kid. Dave and his mate might not be 2 metres apart, but if they don't have the virus they're not going to pass it on. They're outside, which has been stated that it's unlikely to transfer. But it's not going to transfer if they don't have it to begin with.

Yes, it might be breaking the spirit of lockdown, but let's exercise some common sense here. Say for example, Boris says from next week Dave and his mate can officially meet up and not need to socially distance then what difference does a few days make? If they don't have it today and they don't have it next week then there's no difference at all.

Conversely, one of them could have it and potentially pass it on to the other, but again that could be today or next week.

When we're told we can mix again there will always be that chance of a minor spike, and that will be dealt with by people isolating for 7 days.

These people seething away on social media are acting like they are angels. Have they NEVER broken the law before? They've never broken the speed limit? Downloaded films or music from the internet? There are hundreds of laws that get broken every day yet go unpunished, simply because there are more important laws and rules to be enforced.

The rules surrounding lockdown are vague to allow people to use some common sense. Nobody is going to purposefully meet friends or family if they knowingly have the virus, so why not let people see loved ones if they are certain they are not infected? The rule that says you can go meet your parents outside but can only see one at a time? Really? So you go to their garden, providing BOTH of them are 2 metres away from you what difference does it make if you see them both?

The rules are there to stop people from gathering in groups and having parties.

And of course the bedwetters are now concerned with a "Second Wave!". Which is odd because other countries who have opened up haven't had a 2nd wave. They've had minor spikes. Naturally, us Brits deem ourselves to be so important that we'll definitely have a 2nd wave. Some people are looking forward to a 2nd wave just so they can say "Told you so".

We really need to get away from this hate that divides us all the time, some of the hatred isn't even related to the handling of the virus rather than people who just dislike the Tories. People are sitting there waiting for a Tory to do something wrong so they can dogpile on. Funny how we don't hear of any MP from any other party breaking lockdown.

And don't even suggest that no other party would break lockdown because they're all compliant angels. People EVERYWHERE have broken it in one way or another.

Facebook is toxic, people are seeing black and white, that's it.

My faith in humanity was restored slightly the other day when one of my Facebook friends made a comment about not voting for Boris but had given him her support because, well, he's the PM. Arguing over whether he should have combed his hair and the way things are being handled won't rid us of this virus.

It IS possible to vote for one party but to support the ideas or ideals or another. I do it all the time.

I've gone from supporting the PM and the Government (simply because they're the ones in power) to being critical of them and the way things have been handled. That is my wont. If I lend my support to the Government or a Tory MP then I am accused of being an "Evil Tory".

Sorry, I hadn't realised that you were looking over my shoulder when I put my X in the box on the voting slip. Especially considering I voted by post.

If you're going to be critical of EVERY action a party takes (whether in power or not) you're going to be a very sad person.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, "Don't give in to hate". Use some common sense, by all means register your displeasure, use your right to vote accordingly but sitting at home seething away will do you more harm than good.


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