The countryside is racist

According to this article, the countryside is racist.

I mean, it's disgusting isn't it that inanimate objects like grass, flowers and cow shit can offend non-white people.  You can barely walk anywhere in the country these days without a sheep using a racial slur.

Rhiane Fatinikun has started a hiking group for black women, which is fine, she can do what she wants but the article is a bit weird.

It states that there is "A diversity gap in outdoor activities [which] means a disproportionate share of visitors to public parks are white".

Now, I do a lot of walking in the countryside and I'll be honest, I don't often come across asians or black people, but it's THEIR choice not to go there isn't it?  There's no rules that says that BAME (I won't use that word again) people can't go to the countryside, they just don't bother.  I find Asians are more likely to walk as a family round their local park instead of out hiking.  It's probably part of their culture.


That's not to say that I've never seen a person of colour when out and about but to suggest the countryside is not inclusive is bollocks.  Some people just aren't interested in hiking out of town.


Rhiane, who started her own hiking group says, "The lack of representation in hiking is clear for all to see".

When talking about her hiking group she says, "It's never something I associated with Black people – it’s not even marketed at Black people."

Yet her group is called Black Girls Hike.  I'm pretty sure it IS marketed at black people!

Rhiane came up with the idea when she noticed there were few people who looked like her involved in the hobby, says the article.  Which actually sounds quite divisive to me.  Why not just join a local hiking group?  Why does it need to be a special one for black women only?  That's not very inclusive is it?  If we're going to talk about race and equality then it has to work both ways.  There is no reason why she couldn't have joined any hiking group, at the end of the day the hobby is about walking, it doesn't matter what race, colour, religion or gender the people you are walking with.


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