There's no second wave

Despite the rate of Coronavirus infections increasing there is no evidence of a second wave, experts have said as new Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures showed that deaths are just 1.5 per cent above the five-year average and tracking on a normal trajectory for the time of year.

More tests equals more positive cases doesn't it?  And of course there's the 30% potential defective tests which result in a false positive.  And yet people want to lock down again.

Come on, we have to question things now, we've done our bit over the last few months but we must start to push back if things don't sound right.

Last week the Guardian said:

"Friday 211 of the 257 critical care beds in Greater Manchester – 82% of the total supply – were already being used for either those with Covid or people who were critically ill because of another illness."

OK. So that's people with COVID OR another illness.  How can they report in such a way?  What if there's just 1 case of COVID and the rest are other illnesses?  Why aren't they reporting the actual COVID cases?

And it says 82% of the total supply are occupied, what they don't say is what the normal percentage occupancy is for this time of year.

According to NHS data, the occupancy of adult critical care beds in Greater Manchester at the end of October 2019 was 83.6%

In other words, the hospitals AREN'T filling up with people massively ill from COVID.  It seems to me that there's possibly been 2 strains of this, the original one from China then the one that's been going about from around May or June onwards which seems much weaker.

Now, before you start shouting at your screens, "Oh he's gone all conspiracy theory / COVID denier!", nothing could be further from the truth.

I've never said there's nothing out there, there clearly is but we know more about it now than we did.  Hospitals are treating people better now, and the deaths have curtailed.

But don't we have the right to question what we're being told?  I'm no doctor, or virologist or epidemiologist but I have a brain that works and thinks logically.

I still hate the way the media are reporting the disease too.  Now that the deaths died off (no pun etc) they started frothing at the mouth about the infecton rate.  They blamed the pubs, the same pubs who spent thousands making their premises COVID free.  Pubs were probably the safest place to be.  It doesn't take a scientist to work out that the infection rate started to rise when students went back to uni.  It makes perfect sense, and many of the areas which are in tier 2 or 3 are areas with universities.


But young people don't appear to be affected in the same way as the older.  In fact, the average age of people dying from COVID was 82.

It also seems that 80-85% of cases are asymptomatic, which also includes those false positives.

Back to the reporting, there was mass hysteria by ITV who claimed that Blackpool Victoria Hospital was FULL with COVID patients.  Sounds terrible doesn't it?  

It took them some time though to mention that the COVID ward it was wetting its dress at only actually had 8 beds, and 2 of those were waiting to be discharged.  So, 6 people in total had the virus.

The ward may have been full, but when you put the number of beds into context it's not quite the same is it?


We should question things rather than just blindly complying.  I'm not suggesting not wearing masks etc. I've worn one every time and I always wash my hands anyway because I'm clean but we should question if something doesn't sound right.  It makes me laugh when people lambast Boris for his politics, they don't bvelieve a word he says yet when it comes to COVID they'll quite happily go along with it.

You don't need to be a scientist to see what's going on, in the same way you don't have to be a meteorologist to see that's going to rain or be sunny.  And when scientists are saying different things about the virus you have to question who is right.  SAGE has a history of making terrible forecasts, look at Swine Flu and Foot and Mouth for a start.

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