Let's celebrate Halloween in July

I may be getting grumpier the older I get but last year I noticed a few hairdressers had decorated their salons for Halloween quite early in October last year.

This year I saw them decorated literally from the 1st of the month.

Why on earth is this happening?  Why is a hairdresser decorating a salon anyway?


But now I've seen people decorate their houses weeks before the "event", a term I use very lightly.  I mean, Halloween isn't a holiday, it's not a season, it's one bloody night where kids who spend all year damaging your property come round begging for sweets.  Why are people dressing their houses up weeks before?

I don't care about people celebrating it, always hated it myself but people didn't start celebrating it from the first day of the month.  By the time the 31st comes all the stuff people have stuck on or outside their house will either have blown away, disintegrated from the rain or been nicked.  And those pumpkins you carved and put out on your doorstep 3 weeks ago will have gone bad by the time you want to stick a candle in it.


It seems that us Brits just love to over celebrate things now.  It is definitely a recent thing though, people just go way over the top.  It's the same with Christmas decorations, people who stick them up in November want a good shoeing.  In fact, this week I've seen 2 houses with decorations in the window, which can just fuck right off.  I'm working on a plan to spring Mick Philpott out of prison.


I know 2020 has been shit and some people have been locked in their houses for months, but there's no way this "Make October Halloween Month" is caused by COVID. We just have to celebrate things to the extreme.  I suppose one good thing that's come of putting Halloween decorations up is that one house has FINALLY taken the "Happy Easter" pictures out their window. I've been seething everytime I walk past that bloody house.


So, let's start celebrating Halloween in July, fuck it.


Happy Easter everyone.    

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