Meghan and the Soap-Oprah

I'm sure you've seen or heard about the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah?  It's not like you could miss it really is it?

There were all sorts of accusations but no names were mentioned.  It was all rather ludicrous if you ask me.

However, what it did bring out was those who completely oppose the Monarchy and therefore are willing to believe ANYTHING the pair of them say.

I mean, why does it have to be so binary?  People are so polar on it.  I'll give you my take.

You see, I've long thought the Monarchy should be disbanded.  It just feels like a massive waste of money, and maybe just a little bit old fashioned but over the years I've changed my views slightly.

I've heard peoples arguments to keep the Monarchy because it "brings visitors and therefore money to the country", but without a Monarchy would that not still happen?

People still visit castles and ruins.

Buckingham Palace is only open to the public between June and October and you can't see round the whole place.  You certainly don't get to eat cucumber sandwiches with Her Maj.

If there was no Monarchy Buckingham Palace could be open every day and visitors could see the whole shebang.  More money!  Cha-ching!

But my stance has changed, as I said.  Why not keep the Monarchy but it's strictly based around the reigning Monarch and the Heir.

So right now, The Royal Family would be Liz and Phil plus Charlies and Camilla.

The rest of them have to get proper jobs and that, including Wills and the delightful Kate.

But when Liz shuffles off the mortal coil and Charlie boy takes over then William is the heir, so he then joins the crew.  At this point he earns his title.

The rest of them can do one, no titles, nothing.

So that's my idea - not a massive fan of the Royals - even less of a fan of Meghan.


Not me, Sir.

You see, Meghan joined the Royal Family thinking she would become the famous one.  She'd be more important than Liz, Charles, Kate et al.  She's American, don'tcha know? 

She's an actress!  We must bow down to the Yank Actress!  Yes Meghan, we love you.

Oh do fuck off.

This is a self serving woman, who tried it on and it backfired. 

If it wasn't about being famous and all about the love of a Ginger Prince (Not Paul Scholes, no), then Harry could have given it all up BEFORE getting married.  He could have gone to the States beforehand.

And so to Oprah.  Naturally Meghan played the race card right off the bat suggesting that someone asked what colour they thought the baby was going to be.

The colour of the skin, or the hair?  Because that wasn't specified, and it's quite important.

And why is it racist to ask what colour the baby might be?  Let's face it, Archie was never going to be black was he?  Meghan herself is half-caste and that's putting it mildly.  She's barely tanned, so the chances of her having a black baby to a white ginger is slim and none.

She doesn't name names, presumably because it didn't happen or because they've got more interviews lined up, although Harry was quick to suggest it wasn't Liz or Phil.

If it did happen and it was a family member, isn't that a discussion that would be had anyway?  I saw a black lady on GMB the day after the interview who said her partner was white and they had discussions about the skin colour of their children.  Talking about skin colour isn't racist for goodness sake.

Twitter thought differently of course:

meghan skin tweet

"They" - didn't want Archie to get the title Prince or have security because he would be black.

Sure Sylvia.  But he's not black is he?

prince archie

It's got absolutely nothing to do with skin colour, you vapid cow.

The reason he is NOT a Prince is because he is the GREAT Grandchild to the reigning Monarch.  Once Charles takes over then Archie will be the Grandchild to the reigning Monarch and will then be able to use the title Prince.  Williams kids have titles because they are direct descendants of an heir to the throne.  

It's not rocket science unless you're so much of a victim that actual facts mean nothing to you.


And then you get arseholes like James Felton, who describes himself as a "comedian" but if you look at his Tweets he's basically a snowflake whose "comedy" centres around Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.


james felton

Imagine hitting on a 99 year old man who Harry has clearly stated was not the one who asked the question about the colour of a baby.

And there we have it, my take on matters.

You can dislike the Royal Family and Meghan Markle at the same time. 

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