The Politicisation of Sarah Everard

The terrible death of Sarah Everard has been politicised by all sides and it's bloody disgusting.

When Sarah's body was found and the officer suspected of killing her was arrested there were calls on the internet to "Reclaim the Streets".

There were calls from a leading Feminazi and all round man hater from the Green Party for men to be curfewed, not allowed on the streets after 6PM.

That's all well and good, but you're lumping ALL us men in with 1 killer.

Good luck with that.  But the problem here is, just why is Sarah's death different to all the others?

Let me explain because it's a bit strange.

There are around 150 women killed each year by men in the UK.  That's what, one every 2-3 days on average?

Over 60% of these women are killed by people they know, so it's not just random killing in the street, that's rare.

So apart from supposedly being killed by a copper, what makes Sarah so special (and I don't mean that in a derogatory sense at all) that there has to be a call to curfew men, that there is a vigil set up?

It strikes me as odd that the "protest" was organised so quickly.  And then there was much bandwagon jumping.

Wales actually considered the "No men after 6PM" curfew, seriously!

There's just so many things that don't add up for me.

And then there's Pasty Stevenson.  The "Physics Student" who was arrested at the vigil.

Except by this point it was no longer a vigil and it had become a protest by "Reclaim the streets" which isn't even anything to do with women being safe on the streets, it's about using less cars etc!

Here she is being detained by Police for "doing nuffink, officer"

Patsy claims she was "more scared than I’ve ever been" but looking at those eyes it seems to me that she's smirking behind the mask.

And then of course we find out that she's not just a "Physics student, guv"

patsy actress

Because she's an actress, presenter, model and dancer.

How handy.

Plus she had someone following her around taking pictrures of her!

So, could it have been staged?  And if so, by who?

The Police are well known for being heavy handed.  They've behaved terribly during the pandemic, they've loved their powers. 

A couple of weeks ago, 6 men in their twenties were fined £200 for meeting up around a campfire in Marlborough.  Ken Marsh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said that the rules are no longer "manageable" and that "Police don’t want to police this. We’ve had enough of this".  

Personally I think that's absolute horse shit.  These are police officers who have fined a woman and her daughter for having a socially distant walk on a deserted beach, adding that the cup of coffee they had amounted to a picnic.  

And let's not forget this came at the same time that the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill was being read to the House of Commons.  This is a Bill that will strip us of our rights to protest.

A Bill that if passed could see you locked away for 10 YEARS for "Serious Annoyance".

crime bill

Who defines that?  You cannot accurately define something like that at all.  Priti Patel is attempting to take away basic free speech rights.

We've known what's been coming to this country for years with Political Correctness and now Woke-ism, but we're rapidly becoming an authoritarian country.

So, back to Sarah.

Was her death used by people to protest at lockdowns, and this Bill?  I'm not sure but it feels like it.  And this is where I'm torn.

You see, despite being in a pandemic surely it's still possible to protest?

Those who oppose it have used the phrase "We're in the middle of a pandemic", but that's bollocks.  We were in the MIDDLE of it this time last year.  How can we still be in the middle 12 months on?

If you're not allowed to protest at a Bill that strips you of your basic rights then that is wrong.

Using the death of a poor woman killed by a copper for no reason to push your agenda is wrong too.

There's so much in this that doesn't add up.  It's almost as if these events are being used against us to extend lockdown again.

 We'll see, maybe I'm wrong but the poor girl should be allowed to rest in peace.  Go have your protests, you don't need to jump on the bandwagon of an unrelated event.

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