Sailing is racist

Things that are racist #569 - This time, Sailing.

sailing diversity

Ignoring the comment by Martyn which is very witty indeed, sailing is the latest sport to classed as racist.  Like walking in the countryside.

Basically the Royal Yachting Association is looking into how it can be more diverse, in other words, less white.

However, this time it's not a black person claiming to be a victim, it's the association themselves doing a bit of good old fashioned Virtue Signalling and suffering a bit of "White Guilt".

You see, nobody is actually complaining about not being able to go sailing.  And the fella in the picture above seems to be getting on just fine with the 2 ladies he's with, one of which looks like she might even be of Asian origin.

Why is an association setting a "diversity strategy" like this anyway?  What will they achieve?  Surely anyone who can afford to get into sailing will just do it if they really wanted to? 

As long time Toast fan Vertigo says, "It illustrates how out of touch they are though. 'Hmm, why is our incredibly expensive and exclusive, coast-based hobby so white? We may never know'."

And he's right.  It is expensive, and where are all the rich black folk?

Granted, despite what Twitter and MSM will have us believe, not all black folk are poor.  Nor is there anything stopping them from spending money on the hobby.

Has the RYA simply thought that maybe there just aren't that many black people interested in sailing?

Why try to create quotas for having BAME people in the hobby, just for the sake of it?

So how are they going to get these BAME people into the hobby?  Subsidise it?

I can imagine it now!  "Hey all you black paupers out there, want to get into sailing but can't afford to?  Well, it's OK, rich whitey will fund it for you"

Until they attract a bunch of ne'er-do-wells who fuck it up because they were forced into a hobby they didn't really want to do.

IF the RYA is really interested in keeping the hobby alive and are thinking of subsidising people who can't afford to get into the hobby then surely they should be looking to attract people who are genuinely interested in it, and that shouldn't matter what colour the skin is.

We have to stop this quota nonsense, that's actually a form of racism right there - "No, sorry sir, you can't join this sailing club, yes it's because you're white sir.  We're only taking blacks at the moment".

Instead of looking for reasons why there aren't any black people at your sailing club just get on with running it, and if a black guy joins then more power to his elbow.

As Vertigo says, "Fox hunting next. Why aren’t there any black landed manor gentry with the money to keep a huge stables and hounds? We really must look into this diversity problem".

Indeed, squire.



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